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, 20 y.o.


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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. Well this is just not true at all. I have no clue what you're basing any of your comment off of. I have been very much aware of her male friends and had no issue with it whatsoever. One of which, she had even mentioned was a distant ex bf.

    You seem to be completely missing out on the context of this. It appears to me that you're under the impression that she was having this conversation with me or something. Well that is not the case. She was saying this in exchange of a conversation that she thought I wasn't aware of.

    I quite literally mentioned in the post that “it's not like I expected her to not find other men attractive”

    Judging by this thread, it is practically unanimous that your accusations of me being “controlling” are beyond far-fetch.

  2. If you are working with him as a team then he will never have to choose. Be a team not against him!!! He has enough money to make a small apartment of your place so you could have your personal space!!!

  3. No buddy, see you are trying to make this post fit your narative when op clearly states what he means. Here you are projecting again lol. Are you trying to come out of the closet as a racist as well?

  4. Are you male or female? It would explain why you’re not able to understand, most guys I know and myself don’t give two shits about the sappy details, yes it would also suck but not on the level of sex, for a lot of guys sex is worth more than emotions

  5. It is not your job to make him “see” what he is doing wrong. It is your job to protect yourself and your own mental health.

  6. Don’t waste your time waiting a couple of weeks to see if he reaches out. You need to decide whether to reach out to him to reconcile or rip off the bandaid and end what sounds like a bad relationship. Why are you putting up with his behavior?

  7. If you leave now, the fear will fade and you'll grow stronger. It also sounds like you have a decent support network.

    This is the rest of your life if you stay. The anger at him and yourself, the bitterness and resentment will devour you like a cancer until you are just a shell. I speak from experience, so trust me when I say that it's not a life you want for you and your child. It only gets worse.

    Speaking of your child, growing up in a household where there is constant fighting between two people who can barely tolerate each other will totally fuck them up. This will be the primary example of how they see how people should be treated, he will see this as normal and that is truly fucked up if you think that is okay. When he realises you both 'stayed for the kid', it will destroy him. He will blame himself for all the pain, suffering and misery in your lives. He will hate himself and hate you both as well.

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