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Date: October 3, 2022

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  2. First: tell your boyfriend to deal with the uncomfortable nature of this, life is uncomfortable and he can't let his parents make weird noises in replacement of your name. Like, the actual fuck. Second: prepare for an actual confrontation. My parents are english, and their parents were English and so on. They will do everything possible to not change and respect you unless you stand your ground nude. It's shitty but they are not use to not having everything their way. Third: make sure that they know that you will not be visiting them until they pronounce your name correctly. Presumably it is not a hard name, so tell them to get it right or suffer you not being around them, and by default, their precious little boy will see them less too.

  3. Adults need to fix their stuff. We all have stuff. The good ones fix it before entering an adult relationship. Find one of those. This girl is a nightmare.

  4. People can fall in love without ever seeking out another person , in fact the other person may not know or recipricate doesn't prevent it happening. Acting on it is a choice but feelings can just grow of their own volition especially between people forced to spend time together.

    Unless she is an intentional cheater and went looking for someone, it is probably someone she works with.

    Its a lose/lose situation if she's lying or telling the truth. Because if its fully platonic then she is throwing away 7 years without even checking if the guy feels the same OR she has lied acted on it to some degree before ending things with you and technically cheated or a least had an emotional affair .

    It sucks , but if she's fallen out of love with you there is not much you can do.

  5. it's crazy to me how you're focusing on the slap and not the fact that she would go home with a random guy after only “getting buzzed”

    it sounds to me like she has a serious drinking problem and she should immediately focus on that issue if the relationship is to continue.

  6. What are the good things that make this worth it? He pays for everything? You have kids? He's tall and hot?

    Just, why??

  7. “I'd feel glad they shamed me as nothing should be shared on the internet. Anyone looking for advice should bottle it in and deal with it with their abuser alone.?”

    That dude probably.

  8. Do you think I haven’t missed my brother? We were very close and you don’t think it hasn’t been hot on me when he was clear he didn’t want me to come to his naval academy graduation? That fucking hurt and still hurts

    Fuck you man I’m done replying to you

  9. No spouse can compete with the thrill of receiving compliments and attention from another.

    Nor should they have to.

    The kind of external validation your wife needs should come from within. She is broken and 100% responsible for the failed marriage.

    She is a broken person who is not suitable for a long term relationship.

  10. start therapy you are distorting the facts

    8 years happy vs. marriage is your story your wife cheats on you all the time real… she's not very happy

    she signed up to go to another man's bed instead of the gym for over a month… to go to the gym to sleep with the guy.

    cheated on you in the past

    get her on a polygraph,

    kids to have a dna test. get yourself std tests

    she will continue to sleep with others,

  11. That's not just a “friendly interaction,” that's how people in a relationship act. She is 100% wrong and has no business being on the phone that way with that guy. She should have set clear boundaries, but it seems like she enjoys the attention.

  12. He breaks her and then wonders why she is no longer the bright happy person she used to be.

    Like dude, after all the fucked up things you did to her. You expected her to stay the same. What a psychopath. You hit it right on the head.

  13. Stop talking about your Lizard brain! For your information I was 17 and on the pill when I got pregnant with my then bf. I took it as I was meant to, still got knocked up. I didn't go through with the pregnancy because I was a teen and he agreed.

    If you do this (which I don't recommend) then You need to have an honest chat about failing birth control. Even then she could change her mind, as it's easy to say one thing but very different when faced with the actual issue. It's just not worth the risk. Stop thinking with your penis, get some extra thin feel condoms and have safe sexy fun. DON'T RISK IT!

  14. I saw your update and I know this comment doesn’t really apply now but I just wanna say, jerking off to a co-worker’s nudes whether sent to him directly or not, is still fucking cheating. And it’s vile, revolting behaviour and you deserve better than that.

    With the update in mind, I’m so so sorry! I can’t imagine how you feel but I’m sending you all the love and peace in the world. Don’t go back to this man ❤️

  15. I helped him by calling the airline in my country and connecting him because he couldn’t call from where he is

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