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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Its because he’s afraid guys like him are gonna do what he does, but to say that he would have to admit what he does is equally as wrong. He doesn’t want to admit it so he lies to make it look like he’s not in the group of men he’s warning you about/thinking about.

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  3. This man is leaving bruises on you from actions that he knows bother you. This enough should be enough for you to leave. And I think that you know this deep inside, which is why you don’t want to mention this to your family and friends because you know if they came to you with this issue, that’s the advice you would give them. Sometimes it’s harder to be kinder and protective to ourselves than others.

    If you feel you need to have the conversation with him or give him a chance then if he has any reaction other than immediate genuine remorse and absolutely being ok with zero play fighting ever again then leave. And even if he initially does but repeats the behaviour – please leave.

  4. That's quite smart I'll keep my eye out to see if she really is avoiding me. Her best friend told me she said that she likes me and that she wants to see where it's going but at the same time that's not straight from the source so I never really took it has huge evidence. So yes I'll definitely look out for that thank you

  5. More of the same invalidation.

    I didn't say sex. I said intimacy. Intimacy can include sex but doesn't have to.

    Yeah, single go without. They can also go to a strip club and do whatever they want.

    The common message to men in this situation is exactly what you're spewing here: Shut up, go without, your feelings are invalid.

    It's wrong.

  6. Yea that wasn't the best day. But it helped me get over him and now I use it as a joke for parties, or when on reddit apparently lol.

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