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  1. He had HPV – warts and from what I know you can clear the virus and he hasn’t had any symptoms or anything since he found out. This was like 3 years before me I think. I’ve never tested positive for it either or had any warts. But the point is he didn’t tell me just in case it wasn’t cleared because he didn’t know for sure he never got tested for it again.

  2. Yeah, I guess I need to make it more like that. Bizarrely, he's actually the most extroverted person I know. He has dozens of friends – far more than I can keep up with. I guess for me it's like someone who's afraid of heights but only when it comes to tall bridges, or something. But I agree, I can't change it. I'll try to keep in mind that “how can I help” thing more. Maybe it'd be best to try to make a rule about only mentioning things that actually can be helped

  3. I totally agreed with the asking for the divorce every time I’m mad at him 😞 I’ve done it many times.

    One part of me wants to be a team and help because I know it will be beneficial in our finances for the future but then the other part of me doesn’t want to do it because we can't even have our own place to live as a couple. I'm tired of living with a roommate who doesn't clean. I want to rent our own space and have privacy for us.

  4. That would be a complete dealbreaker for me. If he talked like that about any woman. I don't really get gow anyone could look at a person who talks about others like that and not think: “I'm out. Bye!”

  5. If I were you, I would take a decent look at your relationship in other areas as well. Is this a common trend of his? Are there other unsupportive, or just mean things he does?

  6. Tell your judgmental friends that soon he'll be free and then they can start dating him. “Ableist” is a refusal to hire, rent to or extend credit to a disabled person solely based on their disability. It's not relevant in one's personal life and you're allowed to date or not date whomever you so choose. Remind your friends that personal preferences are still allowed.

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