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Date: September 26, 2022

12 thoughts on “Taylor Love –, > taylorlove303.com the hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Maybe she really is that oblivious and thought it was just a friend, because it’s someone she friend zoned.. after taking her out, he made her aware of his intentions.. so, now she shouldn’t talk to him anymore since it’s clearly no longer “just a friend”.

    I have male friends- none that I talk to regularly, and I’ll go to lunch here and there with some of them, but I almost always pay my own way since it’s not a date, and I’m not grabbing drinks with them one-on-one, or going behind closed doors with them one-on-one.. I have set internal boundaries. That’s just me.

    At least she was forthcoming with you, and maybe perhaps it’s something you two can laugh about later.. but, that was totally a date in that man’s mind, and she should have known better.

  2. You two should look into couples therapy, there is clearly a communication issue at present and from what I can tell you don't seem to have the tools yet to even fully understand the root of your own feelings on this matter

  3. I know you were overwhelmed by the whole thing and I can see why you got stuck on his mom getting involved, but did you ask him why he even touched your mail in the first place?

    Because as bad as him talking to his mom. Her calling etc… is. The core problem is that he decided to open all your mail in the first place…

  4. I think you've been through a lot that has put your sense of self worth way down in the gutter.

    Your grandfather from the sounds of it is a cruel cruel man you'd be better off never speaking too.

    There are people out there who will see you and value you, you might not seem “special” but to them you are.

    Get away from your grandfather and get yourself into therapy.

  5. So glad to hear it all worked out well for you OP.

    I remember your post and hoped that it was just a once off thing and not a pattern of behaviour. I have a feeling that he didn't know himself why he did it, but he did and that is something that he has to resolve so that no one else ever has to go through this.

    Maybe he just felt really guilty and knew he needed some kind of psychiatric help.

    One can only hope.

    He is very, very lucky you didn't go to the police and filed against him.

    Look after yourself and please get some help if you find that you are suffering from any form of PTSD. Never be afraid of reaching out for help.

  6. Umm break up. That’s what you do. If he’s already threatening to kill you, why the heck would you spend another minute this him? Get the heck out as safely as you can and cut contact.

  7. Sorry you’re going through this but you really have to stop gaslighting yourself by saying that whatever contact helps you with healing, it obviously doesn’t. Also stop dwelling into his mental health and focus all your energy into yours.

  8. I see the logic in how it could be toxic but the MFF is something her and I both wanted, and she was definitely pushing more for that than I was, so I saw it was something for both of us. I'm not sure how I was denying her feelings but I will need to think on that, thank you for the perspective.

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