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Date: September 1, 2022

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  1. I know it’s baffling if you’re currently unable to find anything about the relationship joyful or even bittersweet. I’m guessing that he is hurting and finding the drawing, that he clearly loves and is proud of, reminded him of nice times. He might not be feeling like taking a new selfie so he put up a memento.

    If you need to mull over meanings, I hope you consider this one; he is trying in a clumsy way to honour and mourn your relationship.

    Breakups are so hot and navigating them with social media seems horrible. I’m so glad I’m old enough that most of my heartbreaks were in the dark ages.

  2. It also means he had plenty of time to fall down YouTube rabbit holes that successful twisted the genuine frustration he was probably feeling.

    This is really sad

  3. Ask your friend if the friend has an alibi. When she says no, launch into “U G L Y, she ain't got no alibi, she ugly, she ugly”

    But no, in all honesty your way seems completely fine. However, if your friend pushes you for a reason you could just tell her “physicality she's not my type”. It's not being rude, but is communicating what you want to.

  4. Someone wanting to leave the country a month after their wedding to party while their partner is 25 weeks pregnant says a lot about a person.

    To me it says they don't care about their partner and care more about hanging out with their friends which means you're def not ready for the partnership of marriage or the responsibility of a kid.

    Everyone should have strong friendships and time outside of a primary relationship but if you make a commitment to someone (with or without marriage) they should be your top priority. Especially if they're pregnant and all the complications that come with pregnancy even in the most healthy ones.

    I think OP isn't ready either but the bun is already in the oven and you can't undo that.

    They need to have a long hard discussion about their wants and needs and learn to have compromises.

    I don't see why her fiance can't plan something with his friends in town / city or even a close city with more to do if they do live in a small town or something.

    Also the idea of a bachelor / bachelorette party after the wedding sounds stupid. It's supposed to be celebrated before your marriage. Not after. They should seriously consider postponing but it sounds like it could be a potential religious conflict for wanting to get married before the baby comes and may not accept that as an option. (But that's just speculation)

  5. Nope. I don't do anal and am happily married.

    Important tip: Once you do it once and even if you HATE it and tell him that, he will want to do it again. ( But you did it before. Just one more time? )

    He is “desperate” to penetrate your ass???

    What an asshat.

    Seriously. Just say: “Stop asking me. It isn't going to happen unless you buy me a strap on that I can use on you.”

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