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Date: September 30, 2022

27 thoughts on “Tatjanatillers on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. He is FOLLOWING an instagram model because you have your manager a hug on your last day of work there.

    Re read that

    Respect yourself and know this was a good outcome. Find someone who is not so insecure and ready to follow someone that they never have a chance with. Let some follow while you lead your own life. ?

  2. There’s so much good advice here, I hope you listen and leave this idiot.

    One point I haven’t seen made, virginity is given away. Rape is abuse, not consensual sex, and does not count. You were a virgin until you chose not to be. I hope you continue to heal.

  3. Are you sure he did not want to see you again when he asked the question? You are not clear with the timing? Did he say something else in the conversation to make you think that he did not want to see you again?

  4. Why are you with someone you can't talk to about this and thinks they can “make” you have sex without a condom?

    He can choose to not wear a condom during sex with someone on the pill. And you can say “then no sex”.

    Fucks sake we really need to stress not being sexually intimate at all with people you can't talk to freely.

  5. If they were sharing bills that means sharing finances to some extent. Honestly he seems like either a troll or like he’s changing his story because he doesn’t like the responses he’s getting.

  6. Tysm this is really helpful and helps me feel Less guilt. I have been beating myself up and ruminating. Appreciate it!

  7. You do know that men also become less fertile as they age, right? Who knows, you might be infertile right now. Men seem to push infertility problems as entirely being a woman’s issue without considering that their fertility is part of the equation as well.

  8. I used to get angry at mistakes that my husband made that frustrated me. Like why can’t he just get it right!?!? But then I realized anytime I made a mistake, no matter how big or small, or how much it inconvenienced him, he never got angry with me. Making the mistake and being responsible for it is enough. There’s no need to be angry, and then to act like an asshole on top of it. Your boyfriend has emotional immaturity as a best case scenario, is a complete asshole as a worst case scenario. I’d talk to him about his reaction, if he’s able to listen and consider how it’s unproductive and rather mean, I’d give him another chance if he’s otherwise been a good partner. If he gets annoyed and angry once again, I’d recommend leaving him.

    Glad to hear the bank cleared it up! That must have been very stressful. And congrats on paying off your loan!!

  9. Nah, her doctor friends said they'd never date someone who dresses bad so now she's got something to prove. She's not a normal doctor, she's a COOL MD ? She'll date shitty alt guys.

  10. But them comes the question, if him having a trip is no big deal why she asking it for the same thing is revenge?

  11. YTA, you feel entitled to her partnership and she deserves a better friend than you’ve ever been.

  12. I’m not sure how much punishment I agree with but I’m definitely the same. It makes me go on tangents and I stop watching tv shows because of it. Vikings? Yeah, when he cheated on the badass Lagertha, they lost me. It’s also just lazy writing in my opinion.

  13. Please listen to the cautious part of your brain. He’s already being evasive and too busy to talk…my guess is he’s probably messaging a bunch of different women. Move on. And DEFINITELY don’t travel to a different country to meet him.

  14. If I wanted kids and my partner couldn’t give them to me, that’s a legitimate reason to break it off. Talk to him.

  15. He seems to have pretty clear issues with anger and communication. I'm not quite sure how you can talk to your partner that way unless something has already been building up to justify it in his head.

    It seems like he feels he can't talk to you like an adult. Or let little things slide.

    Hope he isn't always going to be like this.

  16. He sounds like a passive aggressive man child. I hope you don't have children with him. You don't deserve this treatment. Did he do anything for your birthday?

  17. Hmm. That's terrible advice. Either you accept your spouse as is or you leave. If that means accepting she doesn't want kids and make peace with that or start over. She has the most invested in this decision and if she accidentally got pregnant she could have an abortion.

  18. He's showing you he doesn't value you. He's also taking you for granted. I'd take a step back at least. See how your relationship works when you give back the same energy to him. If it's not sustainable then you have your answer. You're worried about setting a good example for your son, so please think about how you being treated like this looks to him.

  19. I would just exit the relationship, but honestly, I have never been into the clubbing scene and have no desire to be with someone who parties all night to the point of being drunk. Maybe it's because my best friend was killed on his 18th birthday from drinking and driving, or my dad being crippled by a drunk driver had jaded me to it.

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