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Date: October 1, 2022

14 thoughts on “Tamara Rider on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. “She really valued our friendship” yeah trying to get in your pants, break up with your girlfriend so she can do better please ? you just want to fuck and you're looking for every excuse possible to do so

  2. Based off of this, you should probably give it a bit of time and then reach back out to her. She could be feeling incredibly manipulated and tricked right now and regrets letting her friend talk her into having that conversation.

  3. So that means sex with you also means nothing to him… Just let that sink in.

    My bf and I thought we were not really sexual, maybe even asexual. I would never replace him and he would never replace me.

    He even said if I wanted to try stuff out it would have to be before a relationship with him. I didn't feel the need to (I'm bi)

    I have never felt as good as I do with him.

    Please don't let your bf use you with his stupid excuses. A lot of men do feel like sex is special, apparently he doesn't.

  4. Just to answer your question and not dive into the obvious. Just vanishing would be the cruelest thing you could ever do to someone who loves you..

  5. If you wanted his opinion you would have asked what he thought when you found out. Why are you second guessing yourself now?

  6. I know often this sub will resort to immediately telling someone to break up but putting myself in this position unfortunately there's no way I could trust them again.

    Ultimately it's you're decision, I'd certainly say give yourself a few weeks to adjust to the situation and see how you feel about it after a few weeks of no contact but yeah… Doesn't seem like much of a way out of this sadly.

  7. I just couldn't imagine doing someone so bogus LOL. Like obviously cheating is one thing, but then the woman you're supposed to spend the rest of your life literally is taking care of your LIFE and health..

    Yeah – I've never cheated but I would have came clean at that moment to. I also wouldn't want to let someone like that go. Wow people be crazy.

  8. Postpone the wedding indefinitely and cancel the engagement.

    Honestly, just end things so you aren't the fall back guy.

    Don't take her back when she hysterically comes crawling back in a few weeks.

    It's immaturity on her part, but it's obvious she isn't ready to get married or doesn't want to marry you. Why doesn't matter.

  9. Heck, there's secrets that are best kept secret, even from family.

    There's no need to disclose this type of harmless info to anyone. There's no victims, no harm or damage has been done to anyone.

  10. You fucked up and made a mess. Leave your ex alone and sit down and have a long hot think about yourself.

  11. If my partner thought I was cheating, my reaction would be complete transparency. “Here's my phone. You want my Facebook password? Wanna check my emails?”

    In her place if there weren't any deleted texts I'd be on the phone with Apple proving that shit because I'd be soo offended at the accusation.

    The fact that she's shutting down the ability to see what she's doing strongly suggests she's cheating.

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