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  1. Ugh. Tell me you’re a lazy man child who refuses to help his girl out with any of the chores or bills without actually telling me you’re a lazy man child who refuses to help his girl out with any of the chores or bills.

    Can you even read? I think not. I said “99% chance he’s not doing any of that”. If she had actually stated that as fact, then I would have indeed gotten his daily routine. This is just MY assumption that I am quite certain is accurate.

  2. Yes, too true. I think hearing a couple councilor will help address this situation is a great outcome for chatting with reddit! 🙂 I didn't realize they would help with something like this – I had some generalizations about the process that it's all about infidelity, finances, or other topics solely about the relationship. Kinda silly in hindsight but it's new to me! Thanks!

  3. An incompatibility is a difference that can't be compromised on and would damage the relationship or the people involved in it.

    My SO loves spicy food, and I have a mild capsaicin allergy so I can't eat it. That's fine, it's just a different opinion/preference. He puts seasonings or sauces on food after it's made or in a portion specific for him. The fact that he still eats spicy food even though I can't eat it is not a problem because we have found a way to compromise and make it work for both of us.

    On the other hand, if one of us had a gluten allergy and the other continued to eat glutenous foods that contaminated our kitchen and living space, that would be an incompatibility because one of us is unwilling to make that compromise for the other person.

    There are a lot of incompatibilities more consequential than that one, whether you want children, lifestyle, etc, but they often come down to the individual people and what you're willing and able to compromise on. Something that makes one couple incompatible may work for another couple. For example, religion is often an incompatibility issue, but I know a couple in which one person is atheist and the other goes to church every Sunday. Neither of them want children, so what to raise them as isn't an issue to consider, and they've figured out ways to compromise on other aspects that work for them. Personally, I cannot see myself in that situation, but it doesn't matter because it's not my relationship.

    What I'm getting at is that the specific compromises and incompatibilities in your relationship will be unique to you and your girlfriend. Like your girlfriend, I do think most things can be compromised on if both people are willing to change for the other, with the disclaimer that no one is obligated to change for anybody else and that in itself may be an incompatibility. Just depends on what you prioritize. Is being with the person you love worth putting up with her four large dogs (my sister's poor fiance who grew up with cats), or is the idea that she'd watch you leave before getting rid of the dogs a deal breaker for you? There are always multiple perspectives and figuring out whether your differences still make you compatible comes down to conversations about what you prioritize for yourselves and if that's still possible given the circumstance.

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  5. I normally just lurk on this sub but your relationship sounds so much like my younger brother and his wife that I found it quite upsetting.

    You hear people say relationships should be 50/50 but I disagree, relationships should be 100/100 whenever you can give it. It's ok to dip on occasion, no one is perfect all the time, but you support each other through those times.

    What is she giving? Because at the moment it sounds like about 180/20. For 5 goddamn years. That's absolute crap from a life partner. She's gonna burn you out and then move on to the next sucker.

  6. Think about what you're saying here. You're miserable. You've always been miserable. You're already supporting him. Kicking him out changes nothing from a rent perspective, but it helps you from an expense perspective.

    Just ask yourself if you want to live like this forever. Do you want to be 39 and wish you'd have left today? Good luck.

  7. “I didn't see that … While for her …” –> is it possible that one of the problems might be that you are not really listening to her (i.e. internalizing what she is saying)?

    It seems she has been very clear about what she wants (a house and 2 cars). Have you accepted that, and are committed to working together to achieve it, or are you dismissive of it because it's not what *you* want?

  8. Drop them, they are not friends. I had the same thing happened when i had my 21st, 40 people invited and non turned up.

    Upsetting to say the least, but honestly im glad they showed their true colours now, i have way better friends and it was educational for me

  9. They will go away in time. Something has sparked memories and your brain is working through something, that's all. It has no deeper meaning than that.

  10. I was thinking of bringing this tonight on videocall with my mom to see her reaction. For the traits i was thinking the same but im half Asian on the paper, which means at least one of my parents need to be asian as well. They are not my mom’s family literally never left their birth town.

    And if they know why they never told me, they never hide me anything I just don’t understand

  11. Said returning the award like the guy who rejected the noble peace prize was commendable and that it showed he was willing to be a down to earth manager to his employees because he didn't suck up to management

  12. You need to separate the feelings about the snoring. You can find it hypocritical, but don't just get mad at her snoring because she does it too.

    I have a partner who snored. Loudly. It can literally reduce someone's quality of life and ability to sleep, practically make them insane.

    You both need to approach this better, and stop harboring resentment or looking for hypocrisy.

    First thing, take some sleep tests and talk to doctors. Loud snoring every nigh can be signs of apnea.

  13. I didnt forget anything… I realized that a one month relationship is just a hook up, and those rules don't apply. It's 2023, bruh.

  14. You're being gaslit in to thinking you did something wrong. She crossed a boundary. You broke up with her. It's her actions that caused this.

  15. It sounds like you've got a great thing in many ways. Sex issues within a marriage can be impossible to navigate on your own. A couples therapist could be a big help here. Each having your own therapist couldn't hurt either.

  16. He always denies looking. He denies wanting anything else but me. I’ve confronted him and told him many times that it feels degrading and if i need to do something please tell me. He always says it’s not anything wrong with me. But then we got to birthday parties or our sons elementary school dance or the mall and he has wandering eyes

  17. So I’m going to direct this response to the BF. Run. Run fast and far. You’re making good money and are young. It definitely seems like you’re emotionally mature and have it together. If I was that age and somebody spit on me, I’d be hard-pressed not to beat the shit out of them and they didn’t so props to you.

    It is beyond wild to me that she didn’t take up for you. And that’s not OK. Your partner is supposed to be somebody who’s got your back and she didn’t do that even when her family is so obviously in the wrong. I think all the proving that you needed to do to her parents could be summarized in a very short checklist

    1 – do you treat her right? 2 – do you have a job and do you handle your business?

    If you’re not financially irresponsible, or emotionally or physically abusive, then that should be enough for most reasonable people. Your girlfriend either needs to start valuing you a whole lot (and hold her parents accountable) or you need to move on to a woman Who will value you like you deserve. Best of luck, my dude.

  18. So basically what she is saying is that she thinks you are temporary. She needs to reevaluate her thought process. She is having babies with you (and while not planned if your having sex babies could follow) but she isn't committed enough to name the children after their father in any way shape or form. Like If this was just about feminism (which is a stupid argument imo) then I could get hyphenating it or something. But for her to not bend at all and only want her name is basically her telling you that they are her babies. The kids will not care what each others last names are. Unless she raises them to be mean bullies….

    Further option… if she is so concerned about them all being the same she can change her sons last name to yours… and if the daddy is really not involved he may be willing to sign rights for you to adopt. Especially if your already filling that role…

    This sounds to me like she is using you as a bank account for herself/her mother/her son and OOPSIE she got pregnant again….

  19. Something tells me the dunning Kruger Reddiors are showing up. Yes you.

    It’s like acting, not everyone who goes to Hollywood makes it. I was already lucky enough to make it here. He can fail and still put us in a financial pickle if we are together. That’s realistic, hope you can see that

  20. My great-grandmother pulled this stuff on my great-grandfather. One time, she ignored him for over a week and you know what he did?


    OP, his behavior is abusive. Bad enough he does it to you, but to ignore his OWN FUCKING CHILD is beyond the pale.

    He’s a selfish piece of shit and if you don’t get out, your kid will hate you for it, too. As it is, your child is already likely psychologically messed up from this emotional abuse.

  21. Can I remedy our good relationship with my ex?

    what good relationship? you have already broken up twice, guess what happens if you get back together again? well, you guessed wrong. The answer is you are just gonna break up again…as for the other part? you are broken up, it doesn't matter. Your EX thinks your relationship is 'broken'? well yeah, thats why you are broken up…

    here is some advice no-one takes. When you break up the first time, stay broken up. It is just gonna end again and again and again, if you get back together. Try your luck with the side piece, it cant end any different than your last one(ie in breakup) and has a better chance at succeeding than your last one too.

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