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  1. I’m pregnant but it wasn’t a planned pregnancy we already decided on not keeping the baby, it’s always bothered me but he would tell me he wasn’t watching it as much anymore and he was trying to stop because he knows it’s a addiction

  2. Yeah it would, just imagine that you actually get serious with someone and then you find out they hooked up with someone the day you went on your first date, that day is gonna feel a lot less special, but that's my view. Anytime I have gone on dates I have always committed that day to them in the sense I would not be seeing anyone else or hooking up with someone that day, to me it would just feel wrong

  3. And that's fine, we aren't all the same. However we do it, the end goal is the same and I hope you reach it ?.

  4. Edit: don’t suggest dna testing that’s not an option

    WTF? Why? You can't just say it isn't an option without a legitimate reason for why it isn't an option. If you are faithful a dna test would, legit, solve this entire argument… So why not?

    Also, the whole point that the DNA test wouldn't be able to distinguish between twins falls apart pretty quick after a simple google search…. AKA, YES THEY CAN DISTINGUISH BETWEEN HIM AND HIS BROTHER.

  5. I don't want to put this on your kids in any way, this is your MILs problem and you and your husband need to present as a united front against this treatment. But with the damage already done and the kids already scared, I think having a conversation with them to explain why grandma might be feeling this way would help them understand that while it wasn't right, it wasn't coming from no where, and that it's not their fault.

    They are probably really confused and anxious right now and turning inward to find fault in themselves. Don't let that fester; let them know that grandma was in the wrong while also leaving space for them to empathize with why grandma lashed out – grandma was feeling very anxious and handled it badly. Being a kid who grew up with mentally unwell family members myself, just knowing why someone was doing what they were doing would ease a lot of panic for me if I was ever in that situation again. And having those quirks of other people explained to me when I was young also helped me stop and think about how others might feel outside of my family. It allowed me to be a more empathetic person when I was exposed to the struggles of what others were going through with myself out of the equation for blame – especially adults, who kids see as the ultimate authority who have it all together all the time.

    Come up with a plan with them to make sure everyone feels safe and where to go if they need to get out. It's really good that they let you know right away. Wish cellphones were a thing when I was a kid. While I'm grateful that my mom did everything she could to instill empathy in me, it was still really harmful to be around?

  6. It doesn't match up with how you described it in your literal op. You gave the impression of ruthlessly crushing your child in each game you play with him, which is apparently not the case.

  7. I didn’t realize until we just were about to leave. She made the excuse

    So basically she conned him into going on a romantic vacation together? Why did he still go if he realized it before they left?

    It seems like she is pursuing him if nothing is going on. When you have seen them interact, is she flirty?

  8. She said that pacifiers do the same thing, but I'm not uncomfortable with those and tbh I think that's a good point.

    sucking on a penis is the same as a pacifier, if you are using their logic..nothing wrong with that either if you are fake breastfeeding then..anyways, hot to read this post as anything other than a troll.

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