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8 thoughts on “SweetCandy online sex chats for YOU!

  1. It’s kinda weird tho, have you completely ruled it out? And also you can try to talk to them one last time before cutting them off

  2. I guess I didn't really realize what kind of link I was asking for, maybe just proof of that blog? I don't even know. But that is wild.

  3. I think a good old sit down about specifics… he needs to spell it out for you as if you need every single thought and feeling spelled out. He needs to say out loud what the issues he has are. He needs to be transparent.

    You’re trying, he should too.

    Also you’re correct, he IS making his personal problem your issue. On top of that.. anyone who would forbid you to do something is also got bad habits. The fact that he even thinks he can just say “no you aren’t allowed to do this” and you then in turn do not do it, that’s a problem.

  4. Man you're describing my reactions to children and I 100% am sure I don't want any. You should consider making this a post on r/childfree as others might have better advice than me and as someone else said, this deserve its own post and attention.

  5. Anyone else think the OP's husband didn't mention the plans because he's got a date planned with another woman?

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