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Date: September 30, 2022

76 thoughts on “Sweetasha live sex chats for YOU!

  1. You two have polar opposite views. For whatever reason, she is getting satisfaction/validation/excitement/self-esteem/happiness/whatever from this and she is adamant about it too. For any relationship it is better to try to understand where the other person is coming from, i.e. the reasons for their behavior, attitude, beliefs. If you want to stay with her then do that. There is a saying: Be curious, not furious. Listen without judgment.

  2. That’s true I guess just finding ways to move on. Him blocking me after messaging me for a few days hurt. And not knowing why he blocked me. But oh well ? you’re right! Moving on from now on.

  3. Naw, you can't just say she wasn't obligated to tell him she slept with his best friend. That would be like him omitting he slept with her sister. Some stuff you are obligated to tell someone. She had just as much responsibility in telling him as the friend, especially when they got serious.

  4. Your sister needs to tell your parents then her and their kids will no longer come to their home!!

    Your parents are manipulating and controlling!! Break the cycle!! If they say BF isn't welcomed in their home, tell them fine, I won't be here either!! When you are in a relationship, partner takes 1st spot, not your parents!!

  5. She's shitty to you and wants to have sex with other people

    But you really want to stay with her


    No wonder she doesn't respect you. It doesn't seem like you even respect yourself

  6. Hey, my relationship has a bigger age gap, and so I completely understand your point about you feeling like you were ready for it . I never thought my partner being six years older than me was an issue. But my partner has never tried to give me an ultimatum on life that would be completely life altering for me. And I don’t want to come at you and tell you that you were being groomed…but to be honest that’s probably what it is. It’s really naked to look at your relationship objectively, but I need you to really ask yourself if you want to be with someone so petty that they will break up with you just because you’re not quite ready for marriage. It’s vindictive and it’s not right. Why is it a deal breaker for her to wait until you feel ready for marriage? I don’t think that’s a sign of real love. And you deserve real love .

  7. I would strongly suggest contacting a therapist if you aren't presently seeing one. Narcisstic abuse isnt something you can get over by yourself.

  8. Her excuses are just ridiculous, and comes across strongly that she's lying.

    She brought it along in case she met someone to get laid with, and has likely done this throughout your relationship with her (she basically all but admitted this much). For me, the trust would be completely gone just from the act of bringing along a condom by itself. But refusing to tell you what went on and then making up a painfully obvious lie to cover up being caught? She's either cheating on you, or she's ready to at the drop of a hat when she goes out.

    If this happened to me, I'd end the relationship right then and there, and either move out if it's her place, or tell her to move out. OP, this will be on your mind every time she's not around you, so there's no sense in trying to pretend you'll get over it or that it was nothing. The whole thing is shady as hell. She's not trustworthy, she's not faithful, and she clearly doesn't even respect you enough to just come clean once caught. Make her your ex-girlfriend and find someone better once you've taken the time to heal from her actions and deception.

  9. My opinion is that you’re not who/what you think you are. You’re not a good person and should let the poor woman who is waiting for you go.

  10. To echo

    Not your fault.



    Block and never contact him again. It will get worse. He will use increasingly manipulative and abusive tactics to pull you back in. If you carry on, you can expect violence or worse. Rinse and repeat…

    The best you can do is tell him to seek professional help and move on.

    I've seen it over and over. Don't be part of his nightmare.

  11. Euwwwwww… you and Greta are gross…. If I were your GF I’d dump you ages ago… Greta doesn’t need you to be her bf… she already has all the benefits of you BEING HER BF… wtf is buying her all that expensive shit for?

    Fran is waaaay too patient on you

  12. No, his daughter is his daughter. She's not a relic of her mother she's a person in her own right. It can be two different problems leading to own big one. There's keeping a memory alive and there's holding people hostage to it, and it sounds like it's the latter. He's at fault for having a girlfriend when he's not emotionally ready and she's at fault for her behaviour towards his daughter.

  13. Its not about foods. Its prob about kissing etc. part. Bc he prob feels like you disgusting from him. Seems like he likes you but feeling that way hurts him. I just try to figure out how your bf feels bc you allready know how you feel.

  14. So I think there is a couple things here.

    You didn't make him mad, he was already angry with the video game, and when you told him not to “cuss” it made him redirect his anger/frustration towards you instead of the game.

    He does need to mature a bit and learn that a video game is nothing to get frustrated over, and if you are having a difficult time to take a break.

    Also you do seem to be a bit over sensitive about the issue too. I think all this is just being young and learning to mature though.

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  16. MOVE BACK IN RIGHT NOW OP!!! Your kids are priority right now, go back to your own home and tell her shes welcome to leave the house if she so wishes

  17. that's her nickname. Her real name is something else which I'm not using.

    For the sake of the post the names are all almost fake. Not completely because they've been used for that person but they aren't the actual names.

  18. If this “vows” are the only thing keeping you having morals and respect towards your partner, then you never had this things to begin with.

    Get your immoral nonsense somewhere else.

  19. That is a typical reaction. They break up because they want someone “better for them/find love” but love itself runs deep and also consists of friendship and companionship. Then they realize what they have done and are sad.

    I agree end things before it gets ugly. He already broke up with you and wanted to “keep dating.. string you along in case someone better didn’t materialize”? You made the correct choice in breaking up. Don’t let him talk you into another relationship! He had his chance but didn’t think you were worthy. Now you are free.

    Yes a breakup is nude but it’s better for you to be not with him. He probably wants you back but unless you want the “it gets ugly “ part I would not go back under any circumstances. If he bothers you too much block and delete his number. Your family loves you, lean on them for emotional support.

  20. So he is an adult and noone can really “force” him to do stuff. So he can't be forced to go to church or to pray. He can just not do that.

    However while he lives at his mothers place she has the right to tell him to be quite after 10. She can't “force” him to sleep but she can demand that there is no talking, music, TV or whatever sounds from his room.

    So until he moves out he should be quite at the time his mother demands but I would not pray if I did not want to and I would not go to church if I did not want to. I would make that very clear to my mother and if she pesters me I would literally just pick her up, carry her out of the room and close the door.

    Once he moves out he can online as free as he wants.

    In the end this is not your place to do anything about but give advice. It is his decision if he wants to listen or rebel against his mother. You can voice your advice once or twice but if he does not listen to it you should let it go.

  21. As functional alcoholic myself, you're very right to leave your partner. I'm 34 currently and i'm reducing my alcohol intake a lot only now because my liver isn't doing so well. Tho it has never affected my relationships that much only because where i'm from, alcohlism is so deeply ingrained in society here (drug use is very minimal here). So women still have kind of accepted that finding a non-drinking man here is basically committing to life long singlehood so people are trying to find the least alcoholic guys out there. (Of course women here drink a lot too). Sometimes alcoholics need their worlds to be shaken. May that be being fired from multiple jobs or being dumped by multiple gals or dying. You're always justified to leave an alcoholic (or any other addict for that matter).

  22. This is a compromise. He is doing something he doesn’t want to out of love for you.

    The stand out for me is this – how on earth does anyone know who is paying? That is a ridiculous amount of over sharing!

    If you are still volunteering such private information with your parents then you need to grow up and cut the umbilical cord.

    If it’s them who is asking and pressuring you to share answers to such intrusive questions – then you need to step back from them so that they can develop the proper mind set that parents of adults should have.

    You and your spouse get to choose whatever type of family you are going to be. Your parents want to mould you into copies of themselves.

  23. It hurts because he is not comfortable in a space alone with you. The question is why? And what could you two do to solve that problem is he is comfortable with you together? These are some questions you two need to discuss.

  24. Ok thank you for the input. Neither of us are the type to want to “play games” but he is quite different from the rest of the people I’ve been interested in. Even the fact that he doesn’t really use his phone is not something I’m used to. He also has the vibe he “doesn’t need anyone”…

    I’ll try not to build it up in my head or assume. It’s just hot. The reason I’m waiting a week is because I’m going on vacation for a week so wouldn’t be able to hang out with him anyways. And he seems like he wouldn’t want to text unless we were making plans (again, if he’d even want to). So that’s why I’d wait…

    I don’t feel confident or ready enough to ask his feelings yet. It also feels too insecure imo, at the moment at least.

  25. To be fair it does sound like an open relationship could be good for you and you’re doing a good job with it. It’s just your wife who is being manipulative and controlling.

  26. I honestly wondered if the what If was what if OP accidentally gets pregnant which makes me worry about using condoms alone…

  27. He's being using you as a fleshlight and tells you he loves you but he won't be your bf unless you lose weight…. what?? That's not love. At all. Why let him treat you that way? You deserve better. You deserve a dude that will be happy to call you his girlfriend, wife. Im guessing your self esteem is tanked because you think this is the best you can get. Its not. Stop wasting your time. Be with someone good or be single.

  28. I guess it would be one less huge thing to worry about or argue about. It sounds cold, but it’s one less issue/problem/complication. That would be what he could tell her so that he can eventually leave. He could say that they just have to focus on building trust blah blah blah and once the kid isn’t in the picture anymore, he’s free to leave. It’s best for all parties involved.

  29. Which is totally against what marriage is.

    Depends on how you feel. Many modern marriages keep finances separate, especially if there are no children and both partners are working.

    The divorce rates are very high now. Also New York state seems to have older, “at fault” divorce laws, so it makes more sense legally.

  30. I bet he’s a big burly dude and his toe is just so gash darn adorable that it would completely ruin his tough guy image.

  31. I think living together is the drumroll to an engagement. It’s the final test. Are you compatible when living together, budgeting together, fighting and having to be in the same house.

    I also object to living together if it is not explicitly stated that the aim is marriage/partnership. A lot of people move in together for fun, because it’s cheaper etc and get stuck like that. 10 years later it’s “why won’t they commit to Me” etc.

    I’d say set a time limit – like 2 years. After 1 you will know if you can have a life in the central coast and if it’s not working you move closer as he said. Then you have a trial year of living where you want.

    Having said all that at 24 and 23 I think it’s too young to be getting married and almost too young to be considering getting married in the immediate future.

  32. Tell your wife how often you speak to your sister is none of her concern and you won’t allow her to police or put limits on how often you talk to anyone in your family.

    This is entirely a her issue that she needs to resolve.

  33. Do you think it's something in her? From my perspective it is in you. If you leave her, not will you continue to regret it and carry emotional baggage, but even without it the same thoughts will haunt you with other partners as well.

    Go on therapy, it's less stupid than your idea of a solution.

  34. Steps that helped me reduce UTIS. Peeing right after sex. Making sure my partner washes their hands before sex. Taking probiotics. Keeping cranberry supplements on hand. Drinking a lot of water. Cutting back on sugary or acidic beverages and snacks. Taking a shower after sex but specifically washing the butt and genitals. Drinking more water before bed and and ensuring bladder is properly emptied in the morning.

  35. See that’s why I’m so lost, and not sure if it’s a me issue or a relationship issue. We were really compatible from the jump and still are, I love being around her, find her funny, and feel safe with her. She’s the best partner I’ve ever had, I’ve never been treated so well. Besides occasional small fights what are always resolved, we rarely ever fight. I just don’t feel in any way romantically attracted to her anymore.

    It started a few months ago when I lost all desire to have sex. I just kind of lost my desire to have sex with her out of nowhere and we had sex less and less. From there I’ve just slowly be realizing more and more that I only enjoy doing platonic things with her, and when she does anything intimate I feel weird about it, like how you would feel if your friend randomly tried to make out with you. We still give each other pecks but that really all I can do.

    I wish there was some event that would cause this 180 in feelings, but i truly can’t think of anything.

  36. You see? That’s I’m thinking. Its more like a transactional situation than “I care for you and I’ll do this for you because I don’t want you to walk or Uber because it’s dangerous”.

  37. Why the hell are you getting married if you cannot find a way to be okay with his culture? He was willing to compromise but you spew your bs about how he must be kissing their ass and immature to want to take care of his parents and keep them close.

    Just move on, you lack the maturity to handle a relationship with two different cultures.

  38. For this aspect I've always been open with him about it. So not sure. And when it's come up he can never tell me why or anything. OR refuses too.

  39. Yeah you're too young to be wasting your time and energy on this. I think the best thing you can do for both of you is to break up with him and not waste either of your time trying to sort it out

  40. Just a heads up IF you a). are in the US and b). keep the pregnancy:

    You will definitely not be eligible for FMLA leave from your new employer because you’ll be employed for less than a year by the time you give birth. So you aren’t guaranteed unpaid time off nor is your job protected if you want to come back. You may not be eligible for maternity leave, if they offer it, because you’ll be a new employee.

    While discriminating against hiring pregnant women is technically illegal, it’s difficult to prove, so your best bet is to not disclose it when you’re looking for work.

  41. Good idea. You will definitely regret not going for this job. Who knows where your relationship will be in the future? Especially if you already have doubts.

  42. Invite a girlfriend over. Make him think he’s getting a three way without stating as much.

    Plot twist: you dump him and she was there for moral support the whole time.

  43. Ice cream. You are a thoughtful, kindhearted husband who had all the right intentions. Show up with ice cream.

  44. If he hasn’t cheated, he’s trying to Ray wouldn’t be doing this. You already know what to do. I want you to store copies of this on your phone. You may need them later. Keep track of his behavior over the next while and deep dive for more information. If that’s what showing there’s more. I know from experience and from reading 50,000 Reddit’s

    I always suggest people did what my friend did, or do what my friend did, she went through a divorce attorney drew up papers, and then she printed out all the evidence she had from your phone that she’s been saving put them on the table she packed her husband a bag put it by the door and she made sure she had a friend with her when he came home that night and she said I need to talk to you and she said I want you to pick up these papers and to take that bag by the door and leave this house for 30 days you need to decide what you’re gonna do about your marriage because I’m not gonna online like this

    They reconciled and are still together and pretty happy. I don’t know if this will work for you, but I’m going to tell you what won’t work for you is ignoring it because he will keep going and he’ll either fall in love with somebody and drift off from you, or you will stand up and say enough is enough, but either way this is not a thing that’s going to go away . Good luck to you.

  45. This is tough but ok, here goes.

    If she has a mental health problem, staying with you doesn't seem to be making ot better, right? You're not actually helping her by staying. You are not obligated to stay in a rship for the sake of someone else's mental health. You need to make her accountable for this if it's an act, but safely. You need to plan to break up with her in such a way that when she treatens it again, she is cared for. If this means calling the police or relevant crisis mental health responders near you, please do it. I even suggest talking to the police first to say how you're intending to end it but are worried about her safety. It's kinda their job to help get her the crisis support she may need. You are not being respected here. If she cared for you she wouldn't be putting you in this situation.

    Good luck. Get out, but get her help.

  46. What are these illegal thoughts that you gave no examples of for some reason? I think that's a large context clue about how to best approach this.

  47. Dude you've been together for 8 years, how much longer do y'all need to delay the wedding? Clearly she wanted marriage, then something happened and she feels differently. I'm not saying she did anything drastic like cheating, but her actions say a lot. People don't just change overnight unless something happened. Maybe she had fun with some friends and met some cool guys and is trying to weigh her options and is considering if commitment with you is the right thing. No matter which way you twist this its not an ideal situation.

    Personally I would be asking some more hot questions, as much as you may feel like avoiding it. Like why does she not want to get married all of a sudden after she's been alluding to it for years? You can still go to bars and places with her when you are married. Y'all can still have friends while married so that's not really an excuse. So why the change of heart? There's gotta be something deeper going on… Plus delaying a marriage indefinitely with no concrete reason or set new date is basically a rejection to your proposal. Not to mention her stating she wants to be more “independent” (of who?) after you already proposed is a red flag in my opinion. I personally would take the hint and tell her if she doesn't want to marry me within a reasonable and definable time period its OVER. Move on, don't waste your time on a girl who wants to be a “free spirit” that goes out and parties (probably without you) while you stick around spending time, money, and resources on her whenever she feels like it. You have a business and aren't legally tied to her yet, you have plenty going on for yourself. 8 years is a long time, its more than enough for someone to decide if they want to be with you long term or not. Obviously you have a long history so I'm not saying you should jump to any conclusion but definitely prepare your heart and be ready to walk away if she's not willing to be serious with you

  48. How do you know if your relationship is still worth fighting for?

    Couldn't tell you off of one sentence.

  49. I really like the trash cans in different areas idea and I also really like the wipes next to the counter. I think that'll also help us both, especially I'm too lazy to walk to our kitchen trash can. I didn't think of this approach either, thank you!

  50. I'll be blunt. Idk why men are like this. What we care about are results and you are giving her results. It does make you less attractive when you focus on that one thing.

  51. It really feels like you should be able to presume sexual exclusivity with someone you are actively dating and sleeping with unless it is clearly stated otherwise. Like I don’t think you need to become celibate every time you get into the “talking stage” with someone new but damn, do we really need to have a verbal contract before you’ll stop banging other people?

  52. You should go NC with your mother. She just wants a grandchild and doesn’t care if she ruins your life to get one.

  53. Play minecraft. You can also focus on the things that you're better at than he is. Some people are just wired differently. I play mine craft with my bf and he's better at building and battling. I'm the better explorer. It works.

  54. I'm not arguing your right to choose because it has nothing to do with anything. The kid is already here the decisions have already been made.

    I'm sorry for assuming but that's why I asked first and that's why I said I was only making an assumption but it really doesn't change my opinion. As someone who was raised by a single mother who knew my father was incapable of being a decent parent and left him when I was still young. I can tell you you're setting this kid up for a less than ideal life with your mentality.

    You grew up with your parents so you don't know how it feels to grow up without a dad. Wondering why your parents aren't like everyone else's, how it feels to watch someone do stuff with their dad when you haven't seen yours in years. How awful it feels thinking you're the reason your parents don't like each other and that list can go on and on you have no idea how much therapy I still need just because my father wasn't there. Now obviously a healthy one parent household is better than a unhealthy two parent household but nothing is better than a healthy two parent household and you've made the decision for yourself to deny that from your child.

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