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  1. So a guy that doesn’t do what a woman wants when she wants it wasted her time? Im not getting the logic here.

  2. Now, I may give terrible advice on people I suspect of being untruthful…

    Pretty much this. I read a survey about how over 67% of people said they would cheat if they could get away with it. Ain't much loyalty these days unfortunately, people are too selfish and only care about themselves.

  3. How you handle this will be setting the tone for your entire marriage. It is very disappointing that your fiancé, who supposed to be working on her boundaries, is not backing you up and doesn’t bode well for the future. But the fact is, if you don’t shut this down and make the him regret his plan, he’s going to keep coming. Because that would mean you and your fiancé, let him ruin your wedding, so what’s to stop him from “pranking” your kids? After all kids make the best targets. Can you count on your wife to grow a spine and defend her kids?

  4. Listen: you got this! If you're here asking internet strangers about it, it's because YOU know it's not right and he's pushing it. 3 weeks is not enough to know someone and it is enough to be in that puppy love phase where one can easily be love bombed and gaslit into thinking “aaw such a great partner”!

    Gonna be blunt: for you and your daughter's sake, if he keeps pushing? Dump him

  5. I don't see the big deal in this. If they're happy and don't bring their relationship issues to you who cares.

  6. OPs post history suggests that husband has schizophrenia – there’s a lot to unpack here in relation to step sis step bro behaviour. Either way, divorce. This is beyond therapy.

  7. Have you talked with her about it? I'm not one to believe in a soulmate, possibly a few, but definitely not just one. The other half comment is more strange for me, since it implies she's one half and the friend makes for a whole.

    People say silly things and things they don't even realise are hurtful, so just tell her how that statement made you feel and see how it goes.

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