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Date: September 22, 2022

8 thoughts on “SureCakes

  1. Yeah I agree with this. I told him he has a lot of making up to me to do. That right now all I need from him for the time being is reassurance. We talked, I went thru his phone, I believe what he says when he says he doesn’t like her as anything more than a friend and a friend he doesn’t care to hangout with outside of with her boyfriend who he’s closer to. All I can do is take his words at face value and hope action follows. If not I can address it from there

  2. This sounds like some sort of coping mechanism, but not a very good one. Maybe she is trying to take back control by proving that she isn’t afraid to talk about it. But either way, she is trauma dumping. And she definitely needs to keep going to therapy.

    You need to set boundaries with her. I’d maybe pull her aside or talk to her privately asking why she keeps casually bringing it up and what type of response she’s hoping to get. Depending on her answer, you can go a few different routes. 1. Sexual assault is a heavy topic that many people have experienced. Not everyone may be comfortable with it casually brought up in unrelated discussions, or they may even be triggered by it. 2. Perhaps this is a topic best reserved for therapy. You guys are not trained mental health professionals and are unsure of how to respond to these random remarks. 3. If she is looking for attention or support, you can offer that in a conversation about what happened.

  3. Why would you want to marry someone who literally stole your future from you? Is that the person you really think you can trust when times are tough and you are vulnerable?

  4. OP the guard was not using this as a cover story to find out if your gf is single. They see you together daily, you think they aren’t aware you live together and are in a relationship? It sounds to me like you have some serious insecurities that are getting in the way of you being creeped out or actually uncomfortable about the thing here that’s an issue. A MAN WANTED TO KNOW WHERE YOUR GF LIVES AND IF SHE LIVES ALONE!!!! That’s a major red flag for stalking. The guards didn’t just make it up. They know there’s a very real possibility that you take this to building management (as you should!) and wouldn’t risk losing their jobs to make something up to answer a question that they could just observe and determine.

  5. The chance to get his dick sucked by you right now today is more important to him than honoring your wishes and supporting your overall health and happiness long term.

    That's it. That's the whole thing.

  6. This really depends on what you want to do. Personally, I wouldn't have accepted her back. Something is just unforgivable. To say “you can depend on me” then ghost you, that is a bait and switch, and that is not something you do with a friend. Friend are not slave, but they shouldn't be undependentable. If you are asking what should you do? Ghost her.

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