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  1. Instead of lying to her further be 100% upfront and honest about what you want with the child. Which it seems you have. Do not give ANY false hope for a relationship to come from this, and I would be clear to her that you aren’t interested in co-parenting or having a relationship with the child. If you choose this path, DO NOT change your mind later. You will have to decide if you want to be present in the child’s life or not, there’s no back and forth. If she is really pregnant, do not sign anything, do not sign a birth certificate or acknowledge paternity until a paternity test is done. I would just let her be and if she files for child support they will not enforce payments unless there’s a paternity test stating you are the father. Until then, you’d be “presumed a possible” father of the child.

    Leave her alone. Continuing to attempt to convince her to make a decision about her own body is not your choice. She knows how you feel, leave it at that.

    You’re not a jerk, this happens often. Just make your stance clear NOW and don’t be a genuine deadbeat that beats around the bush and then later decides a kid isn’t convenient. Financial support will be mandatory if the child is yours. I wouldn’t send a dime though without a paternity test – nor are you expected to.

  2. Thank you for the advice, yes I am thinking of doing something myself now just the problem is I live in a very small town so it’s kinda hard to do that but I will try regardless, because I really do need distractions

  3. If she didn't grow up around that kind of person, then she can't comprehend the danger.

    Does she understand how actually dangerous that guy and his friends are? If she didn't, she wouldn't have jumped in like that.

    You need to spell it out for her.

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