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Date: October 3, 2022
Actors: Stefany Piett

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  1. What I think is most odd about this post is that half of it is spent praising your relationship while the other half is spent criticizing your gf for reasons outside of showering. She’s not a great communicator, she’s a horrible cook, terrible self-esteem, she doesn’t do chores but basically lives there.

    Im honestly missing the problem. If the nostril issue was as pertinent as it seems, I don’t understand how you spend days in the MILd cottage. Spending time away in places you haven’t sanitized/ cleansed thoroughly should be impossible.

    She’s showering every day. She’s still taking care of herself. It just sounds like she’s not showering at the time of day that you’d like her to, which is okay; that’s her choice. She is an adult, and you cannot force her to do things at a specific time. You are her partner, not her parent.

  2. When a HermanCainAward poster forgets he's in real life.

    OP is lucky he didn't get taken behind the woodshed and whooped for that.

  3. If you want to wear whatever you want do it but they just can’t live with you no more. You should’ve have thought of these things before inviting her ALSO you DONT move in with someone for knowing them for a few months

  4. The only problem is that I'm quite worried about her staying on her own here. She recently immigrated here and doesn't speak english,

    How does she manage day-to-day life?

    She is currently pregnant right now and says she'll be fine without going to doctor appointments. It's like that back home, but I'd just like her to utilize the resources that she has around her. A

    Tbh….most people actually learn the community language of the country they move to to be more confident…. What has held her back from learning some English to be at a comfortable B1 level at this point?

    . All my closest friends & family don't live close to me, so it's not like I can tell her to just call this person if she ever needs something. I just don't feel comfortable leaving knowing that she'll be newly alone like this

    I really struggle how you've never discussed these things when you were still dating….was this an arranged marriage?

  5. Whether you forgive him or notmhas nothing to do about how good of a husband or father he can be. This is all about him getting a sense of closure and feeling better about himself.

    Do whatever makes you feel the best.

  6. As a guy, I can tell you that you did not ruin anything, although he was ruining quite a bit, including possibly his carrier. You saved him from further embarrassing himself and making a big mistake even bigger.

    There is no world where sexting one of your students parents without letting them know who you are is OK to do. That is not a thing. A parent -teacher relationship is a professional relationship. Period. nothing more. Your bf is letting his flirty fun desire hijack his common sense. He should actually thank you for stopping him. That was really, really stupid of him.

    Maybe, and this is only maybe, if they were both single and they met by chance and everyone was aware of each others situation could this maybe be ok. However, if something goes wrong, and she is a parent of one of his students. He is going to wish they had never met.

  7. crushes me im getting downvotes on this. i was manipulated for years by suicide threats and it fucked me up really bad. i would never ever do that to somone no matter who.

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