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Date: October 1, 2022

7 thoughts on “Srta-roja online sex chats for YOU!

  1. OP: “Ooh, this girl is super sexual. I like this a lot.”

    OP gets in a relationship.

    OP: “Wait? She's still super sexual? But she's my girlfriend now – she should behave herself and be a good little girl! I don't understand, internet??”

    OP acting ridiculous.

  2. You should be in therapy for this. And you should start mentally preparing yourself for divorce, which is inevitable at this point. Staying with him is unhealthy for you.

  3. You do know that you overreacted because you're here, asking strangers on the Internet for validation.

    You were out of line. They weren't exes, they weren't overstepping the bounds of friendship. This boils down to you and your insecurities, which will inevitably poison your relationship. If you want this to last, you need to do some work on yourself and quickly.

    Otherwise your relationship has an expiration date that will be sooner rather than later.

  4. I went on strike. Oh, you want to eat? I already did. Go make it yourself. Oh, there's no clean clothes? There's the washer. Do it yourself. Oh, you don't have any more snacks? You know where the store is. Oh, you're out of shampoo? Again, you know where the store is. Stop doing anything and EVERYTHING regarding him. If you don't want to be his mom and you want to be his partner, stop acting like you're a mom to him. Be a mom to yourself. Plan date nights with yourself. Mini vacations by yourself. Plan things for you and forget about him. He'll either wisen up real fast, or you'll end up in divorce. Because, hun, there is no such thing as a 'seven year itch.' There's just falling out of love and feeling stuck unless you actually want to cheat. Now, sure, if someone started giving you attention, it could lead to an affair, but you should get out if that situation arises. Don't cheat, just be honest. Either way, start putting yourself first like he's doing and throw him on the back burner like he's done to you. It'll either fix things or break them completely.

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