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Date: September 28, 2022

10 thoughts on “Squishy Booty on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. Separate, get her crap out and as she's leaving say I hope your happy with so and so.

    Be petty but enjoy your new life ?

  2. It was probably more than just this. If the relationship wasn’t working, maybe this was just the straw that broke the camels back.

    A good way to work on jealousy issues might just be to work on yourself. Maybe go to the gym or try to improve at some of your hobbies. The greater your value is in your own eyes, the less jealous you will be of other girls.

    If you really want him back though, I’d give him some space. Don’t talk to him at all for a while. If he misses you he will reach out, or you could reach out to him but try to wait as long as possible. If he immediately moves on to another girl, then I’d say there probably isn’t a good chance of you guys getting back together anytime soon

  3. Update: ended up going to a group dinner instead and he sat next to me and was super flirty the entire time even in front of our friends. Night ended and he kindof grabbed my hand from the back seat to say goodbye and the rest of us went on our way. I want him to find a way to make a move or stay in touch but I’m kindof getting player vibes from him. Cant stop thinking about him but I deserve someone who shows clear interest and isn’t just dropping hints and just a flirt. Oh well!

  4. Ok, im a pretty fair person and know right from wrong but today me and her haven't talked much but when we did talk to me she seem angry and annoyed with me just being in the presence of her what do i do in this situation?

  5. I’m white and he wasn’t born in korea, but his family still holds traditions even in a foreign country.

    There were no pet names, because there was no relationship, it was never even suggested

    nothing really changed a year ago worth noting, I went back to check on messages and Google photos, nothing important.

    I’ve already sent him a message to meet up after practice, he said yes, so I’ll have a talk with him soon

  6. So I told her someone had told me something that was not true. Someone was upset that she and I were dating and told lies about us. The lie: I said that person's boyfriend asked me if my girlfriend asked me to block the person who said disparaging remarks about my girlfriend and me. It was stupid and she caught me on it.

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