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Date: September 25, 2022

9 thoughts on “Sonyaparker live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. You sound like my sister


    You: says really hurtful thing in the heat of emotions

    Him: is hurt by your hurtful thing and reacts accordingly

    You: surprised pickachu face


    Not being able to control your emotions doesn’t excuse you of your behavior. Next time be sorry before you say something cruel to someone you claim to care about.

  2. My wife is always welcome she comes to dinner with us whenever i go or she goes on herself. My wife gets whatever she wants I don’t understand why she’s acting like that

  3. A B- for the attempt but characterisation is a bit stiff there. Good luck for the next assignment.

  4. Honestly, the only thing I can think of was this was some sort of cum = syrup joke? Maybe I'm just getting old but I genuinely cannot imagine being upset by this comment, it just seems silly.

  5. The combination of “I want this to last 60 years” and “I want to end this because i don’t like how it feels at the moment” is remarkable. This is why people want open relationships in the first place.

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