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Date: September 30, 2022

14 thoughts on “Smiley Sunday live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. I mean I feel like at this point if you know for a fact you dont want to marry her and you know thats what you want you should break up with her.

  2. You are either a troll or the kind of person who can listen to hundreds of people give advice and not accept the core thing they all tell you. So are you a troll or delusional?

  3. OP's energy is devoted to handling 2 very young children as well as family relations, there is hardly anything else for emotional intimacy and mutual desire. It's not like she's deliberately reducing her ability to have emotional intimacy.

    If OP's husband is truly thinking of what you said, he is far too immature to start a family with someone.

    Calling her gross and manipulative is fucking out of line. You are simultaneously blaming OP for not having enough energy for intimacy, and also blaming OP for trying to put on a front for intimacy despite being burnt out? WTF is OP supposed to do then? Magically have energy for intimacy?

  4. The one who is doing the judging and keeping their partner on their toes, walking on eggshells, nervous, always wondering when the whole damn cycle is going to start again – is not a good partner. They're consciously or unconsciously running a power trip and ruling the relationship.

    Bad mojo. I know you've invested a lot of time, OP, but please step back and think about if this is what you want to put up with. It's not a healthy relationship. Read Gottman – look up The Four Horsemen of relationship trouble.

  5. Urm, this is seriously weird. You write this like it’s a normal relationship thing we all go through. There are so many aspects of this. For one, he shouldn’t have the power to keep you in the house for two weeks against your will. For two, does he work? If he works then he’s certainly able to make his own choices with regards to leaving the house and it’s up to you whether you support them. Personally I think it’s weird as hell he won’t leave the house with you, but that’s up to you whether you can live like that. However he definitely shouldn’t be making that choice for the both of you.

    I don’t really get how you’re struggling to communicate that this isn’t funny. It’s really as simple as telling him you want to be able to leave the house. I’ve read a lot of stuff on this sub and this is honestly one of the most unusual things I’ve read. I’d be out of this relationship in a flash and I think 99% of people would be as well.

  6. I wonder if he could have a bit of caregiver burnout? If he was good a few years ago, maybe he's running on empty.

    It could be worth a conversation about how he is supported to support you – does he have a good network? Could you get a cleaner so he isn't picking up so much housework if you're not able to do things? Do you have friends or family who might be able to do some of the things he currently does to help you/your household?

  7. She was scummy to flirt with you while in a relationship but you were also scummy to ask knowing she had a boyfriend too. So maybe you deserve one another.

  8. Thanks, there is another thing, I’ve asked to to hang out with him before, the last time I asked, he was hanging out with his friends for the Super-Bowl (understandable), but the reason I’m hesitant to ask is because the first time I asked, it was part of a double snap and he didn’t acknowledge the snap where I asked him to hang out (both snaps I said something) so there’s that but I will say that the snap where I asked him to hang out, I sent at like 3 in the morning.

  9. Ah okay, pulling an exaggerated cringe facial expression was crossing a line. Almost like “i’m so glad you commented on your boobs because i find them {eek facial expression}” It does sound like you’re better off without him. He definitely didn’t need to make any negative facial expressions when you were describing an insecurity you have. I agree with you that that’s very much a sign of “I emphatically agree that I find this thing negative”

    Sorry for my harsh words in my original comment. If he basically made a nasty face at your boobs after you complained that they sag a bit, then your interpretation of the rest seems pretty accurate.

  10. Honestly, knowing the feature could totally change our perspective.

    It is extremely annoying that you refuse to name it but expect honest opinions.

  11. It is very nice to work with perfect information, is it now?

    Your bf knows your boss has been sexually harassing you and messaging you inappropriate messages. Now he is told it is all done, because he isn't messaging you anymore?

    No, your bf can't know your boss is not going to do anything more, neither can you.

    Scorch earth is obvious impossible in your situation, however looking for other job, and moving to it once it is found is the correct choice.

    Your bf is insecure, that much is clear. You really need to tell him you will not do scorch earth since you can not afford it, and he is only thinking about himself. He might end up reflecting on his behaviour, or he might not. If he can't, it should be only his problem, no longer part of your life.

    The thought plaguing his mind can be probably summarised to: If her boss ends up pushing sexual harassment once, more will my gf allow his actions to keep escalating, or will she tell me and actually quit the job?

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