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Date: September 21, 2022

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  2. I struggle with anxiety, badly. It is easiest for me if you ask me and then give me a specific job. The not knowing what I should do and not knowing how to do it in your house would cause me to freeze up and not ask to help you. It’s a rotten viscous cycle.

    But I would most definitely clean up after my snacks and would not leave stuff all over someone’s house for them to clean up.

  3. A ring doesn’t stop someone from cheating. If someone hits on him bc he isn’t wearing one, then he should say he’s married. End of story. If he doesn’t that’s a whole other ballpark but you say you trust him.

    Relationships are about trust 100%.

    I work in healthcare and most don’t wear rings either.

  4. So I do realize I was kinda wrong when I said you never talked to him. Still he never told you what he wanted and you made the decision without his input (as he forced you to do). Maybe he only recently changed his mind. It's time to have a serious talk with him and I think you'll have to admit you heard his session. Ask why he never expressed his feelings to you. This is still a partnership and these big decisions might not make both people happy but still need to be made together. If he isn't on board with your decision it might lead to depression and/or resentment. He is already pulling away emotionally. Taking care of the child is a big responsibility and you both need to be ready for that if you decide to keep it.

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