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Date: September 28, 2022

7 thoughts on “Simone Smith online sex cams for YOU!

  1. OP says:

    will likely go to prison for a few months at least (maybe a few years) for doing something stupid where no one was injured, but is illegal and potentially dangerous.

    Former Florida Criminal Defense lawyer. “a few years” and “prison” means felony charges. Misdemeanors usually get just probation.

    My guess is drug dealing, assuming OP thinks recreational drugs are fine in moderation but “potentially dangerous.” DUIs and street racing usually aren't felonies unless someone is hurt.

  2. She told you everything you need to know and showed you, to boot.

    No need to respond. Just walk away. Your heart hurt will heal elsewhere.

  3. You'll keep trying to find the middle ground for a solution and she will do whatever she wants with the help of her support. Imagine if she started accusing you of being an abusive person or filed a false report just to get back at you for break up, what are you gonna do then? You'll be stuck in that middle ground trying to find where the F you need to go.

    Dude, when someone shows you their true colours, you need to see them and not close your eyes.

    Consult a lawyer ASAP and start documenting/ recording (if that's legal in your state) every interaction with her. Also, start accounting for all the expenses you have made for her as a counter for her claim.

  4. It has been celebrated in many countries for many years. Just because the US doesn’t do it does not mean its not a thing.

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