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  1. One other thing to mention is that she had to take a plan B the year before we met so I think she was having unprotected sex right up until me. She told me before we had sex that I had to use a condom because “the last guy didn’t and then he left me”

  2. Doesn’t matter if it’s normal or not, if you don’t think that’s necessary then communicate that with him.

  3. Responding to texts or calls is okay. But don't dangle the idea of reconciliation or changing your mind. It's cruel to offer false hope. The way I worded it was something along “You'll make a great girlfriend and, some day one hell of a wife for someone. Unfortunately that someone isn't me. And, for what it's worth, I'll be kind of jealous of whoever it is.” That last part is optional. This helps with her ego, and let's her know it isn't her so changing or offering extra isn't going to do anything.

  4. And you are dating him, why?

    Forgetting the pushing for a moment ( which is assault). He lies to you and you don't trust him, why are you with him?

    Bringing the pushing into play, dump him now, thats assault and it will get worse.

  5. Well I don’t think it needs to be explained you seem to be aware of your own problems. Just try not to let your mind overwhelm you into being clingy. Everyone enjoys their space.

  6. Lmao, oh bullshit!

    It’s almost 2023. With all of the social media available to us there is very little wiggle room to claim ignorance. A cursory search of her name would produce the fact that she has a boyfriend, probably on at least 2 different apps. She even told her boyfriend she wanted to “be poly” so it’s not like he didn’t have ample reason to be suspicious. Or are you suggesting she has given this totally innocent other person a false name?

    Certainly the worst of the behavior is on her, but again, if you are a man or woman and you start having sex with people in relationships then you are absolutely asking to have a pissed of boyfriend or girlfriend show up. I am a man, there isn’t a single one of us who would be surprised by this news.

    “Stalker” behavior is for stalkers. Finding out for certain that your girlfriend is cheating on you before you confront her and end the relationship is not stalking. Would you say it’s stalking if you’re a parent and your teenage kid is somewhere they aren’t supposed to be? “Well I need to confront them and bring them home but this is a bit of a dubious moral area! I don’t want to be thought of as a weirdo!”

  7. You realize you are not in high school anymore. Your friends have jobs, school, spouses, kids etc. They have their own lives and stuff going on. Getting mad because they did reach out ovet YOUR moms passing 14 YEARS ago….common!

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  9. sounds like you need to have a serious talk with each of them about this – and probably not together.

    btw, just because someone is asexual doesn’t mean they don’t have romantic feelings or desire. i’ve also known asexuals who had sex, but didn’t crave it and mostly did it because they enjoy giving pleasure to someone else. i’m js it’s a spectrum and if there’s something between them it actually doesn’t mean he was lying about that.

  10. My advice is no. You are too young and haven't been dating long enough to make such a lifelong commitment.

    Plus, you are in two different arms of the service (Army & Navy). They aren't going to give a shit about stationing you “close” to each other just because you are married.

  11. The reason I started in the first place was because she wanted to focus on an apprenticeship and YouTube. But I see what you mean, like I said in another comment, if she says anything, it will ruin the income of other families

  12. Sounds like my ex husband.

    Wanting to be a dad is not the same thing as wanting to be a father. I guarantee if you have kids with him, you are in for 90% of that work, too.

  13. He sounds like he's 4 instead of 40. Seriously throwing a tantrum for something he never told you not to do?

    I like to think people can change for the better, but it is a timely process amd only if they truely want to. Unless you are fine with dealing with adult tantrums for the next 10 years to the rest of your life your best bet is breaking up. Breaking up over a sandwich may seem excessive, but its not about the sandwich, he will throw tantrums at every little things that he found “unfair”.

  14. Personally I wouldn't. I get that yall get along better now but id rather make an effort to see him more often than online with my parents again.

  15. This is all a little too much I think, but I appreciate the advice. Going to go a less nuclear route and have a talk with her first. I don't think it'll end up going well but I'll make sure she doesn't keep taking advantage of me. Thank you.

  16. Ignore him- you’re his safety net at this point. He will literally just do the same thing to you. You deserve better.

  17. Oh my god, the way you're trashing her up and down this thread. You suuuuuuck. So she was 20 when you married her? So y'all started dating when she was 18 and you were 25? And you infantilize get and are incredibly condescending. It's so clear you don't respect her. You seem to be a huge red fucking flag and you're getting caught up on her eye rolling? Like her father to a teenage girl. Be fucking for real here dude. You're gross.

  18. He says he is okay with people choosing TOGETHER as a couple for one of the parents to stay at home.

    He says that he has the ability to Support that but isn’t actually down to That because a) she decided it on her own b) she is lazy c) was going to break up with her before the pregnancy.

    If he was going to break up with her it’s best for Her to keep her job so both won’t be trapped

  19. Her mother lost her son and he lost his mother because the actions of the mother, not dad. Dad is a scumbag for cheating, but abandoning your children for keeping contact with his other parent is being a vengeful prick.

  20. This particular ex? This situation ended when the woman got engaged to her boyfriend. Like that was the line not to cross for them apparently. His ex before her cheated on him. To my knowledge, and he has been pretty open about his past, he has never cheated on someone that he was dating. But is being the person someone cheats with really differently from cheating on someone?

  21. If you choose not to go to therapy, I really hope your bf is seeing these giant red flags you so graciously are displaying for him.

  22. Not even close. A DUI, while idiotic, is not a personal betrayal to someone whom you promised your love and faithfulness. There are naked lines one should not cross in a relationship, cheating is nearly top of the list. If she was unhappy and didn't want a divorce then she could have discussed other ways to save the marriage.

    At this point OP is saying, well, my friend wasn't getting sex in her marriage so it was okay to step out. Sounds to me like he that's at least one reason he might do it himself. Can't blame his wife for being upset. Obviously cheating IS acceptable to OP.

  23. Men look at porn. If you can't handle it ask him to stop or move on.

    And wait… he goes on vacation and spends time with his exes? Really? Why are you putting up with this?

  24. Just wait for the day. It's only 10am. Don't make a scene when you don't even know what he has planned. Also, being the first one to type a “Happy Bday” message does not mean anything in my opinion, at least not after the teenager years…

  25. I've been that hoe friend and have many hoe friends. Your judgements aren't helping her. People behave like this because they want love and a connection and are unsure how to get that. Us hoes are usually lonely and sad in general. We don't feel good enough to be loved. Guys like that are good at manipulating girls to feel like they are special. They usually pressure girls into putting out quick and then trash them straight after. It's easy to be caught up in the moment and fall for their tricks. It's fine to give advice but don't paint this poor girl as if she's a bad person just because she doesn't behave in the way you would. You're going to damage her more than the guys do if you dump her as a friend.

  26. Kick that freeloading, immature man-child out of your poor mother's house.

    I had to double check the ages, he sounds like a teenager.

  27. Well, if someone I dated said living with an old friend was off limits, I would say that's a boundary that is unreasonable and controlling. I'd be out. No thanks, but if we can't have trust in our relationship then what's the point.

  28. You deserve to have someone who is just as excited as you are. That’s what the child will deserve too.

  29. Idk for the first thing, and I just checked and she was in the hotel room on her laptop. Idk why they're doing this, and my sister was their first choice, but she couldn't get off work, so she couldn't go. I hope not, because her friends weren't really my type even before this whole framing thing.

  30. I was married to this same man. Not gonna lie, it will not ever get better. Most likely, it will get worse. If you are already contemplating leaving, I would rest up and start making plans.

  31. You only see her 4 times a month? She's likely focusing on fifa cause she feels rejected. She might just be assuming you're playing fifa more than you are because you barely see her

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