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Date: September 26, 2022

7 thoughts on “ShawnGeni online sex chats for YOU!

  1. Of course you don’t trust him. He broke your trust. He has to earn that trust back, and only you can dictate whether he has. It’s also possible he never will. Trust is a difficult thing to replenish once depleted.

  2. I’m kind of baffled by a lot of the responses but I suppose it makes sense seeing as Reddit is overwhelmingly male and American.

    Re: what happened, whether or not legally you used reasonable force (IANAL), your girlfriend is clearly seeing you in a new light. If I found out my partner was capable of tremendous violence, it would also quite likely change my perceptions of them. Let’s not get into what some of the other comments have said about “she could have been killed” – yes possibly, but armed intruders aren’t quite the thing here that they are in the US.

    It’s soon after the incident for you both, but I don’t think the onus is just on her to sort out what sounds like PTSD; not only must the incident have been hot on you, but it is also concerning that you blacked out and did this in a rage. I’d suggest both of you getting help, but I’m not sure as to whether a counsellor would be obliged to break confidentiality in this case (as they usually are if it’s a serious crime, and I’m not sure if potential GBH would fall under this).

    It sounds like a really tough one all round. I’m sorry, and I hope that you can both find a resolution, but it might be that that resolution is you no longer being together and you might have to be prepared for that.

  3. He sounds like a big man baby.

    Holding it in, my ass! My guess is that he fell down the douchey neck-beard rabbit hole because his pee-pee is butt-hurt because he stayed at home for a year doing the important job of child rearing, which he obviously did not enjoy. Wow!!!

    Leave his pathetic butt behind!

  4. Oh he left because you’re either a troll and looking for conflict or you’re actually a vile creature and he is in the arms of a loving woman who isn’t…. Oh wait or both. Other way- I wish you healing and lucidity.

  5. This is one of the first arguments I find persuasive against porn … that it desensitizes you to real-time relationships. As a man totally devoted to both pastimes, I find it amazing that the solo endeavor could ever crowd out the other.

  6. Are you sure he is really your fiancé and he’s not been scamming you out of money for 5 years?

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