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Date: September 29, 2022

10 thoughts on “Sharomsmith on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. I believe in boundaries. I get that you want to “save” your loved ones but if they tell you, “I don't want to hear it,” then you stop talking about it and you don't bring it up again.

    I believe in boundaries too, and I absolutely agree that this is the respectful approach.

    It's seriously not that nude.

    I completely disagree. It's extremely very hot (for the people we're talking about).

    If I truly, fundamentally believed that eternal reward awaited those who follow Belief System X, and eternal punishment awaited everyone else, I would do everything in my power to convert the people I love… And probably every other human being on the planet as well. This is because I would rather lose a friend than damn them to hellfire.

    From the perspectives of most moral frameworks, the only compelling reason to press on the brakes would be that too much enthusiasm might scare them off–And scaring them off would rob me of further opportunities to save them.

    Putting aside the fact that I don't actually believe in heaven and hell (and certainly not a heavan and hell that's gatekept based on religious affiliation), it's easy to empathize with the fact that those who do will try to convert everyone they come across. That's exactly what I would do in their position.

    Personally, I find it a bit harder to understand people who believe in denominational heaven/hell yet aren't vibrating with the constant urge to convert others. If you truly believed that your non-correct-religion friends were hurtling towards eternal torture, wouldn't that make you sweat a little? Sounds pretty hot to me.

  2. She sounds super confusing. I would continue to just carry on with your life. Don't worry about her, not all coworkers have to be friends.

  3. last night he was in a groupchat making jokes and just spreading the really personal shit i’ve went through in my relationship to people i don’t want to know or i don’t even know

    Really crappy boyfriend aside (why accept being treated like that?) it sounds like you have a really crappy friend too. Personally I would leave them both and stop trying to keep relationships with people who treat you like they both do.

  4. “I was absolutely appalled at your behavior regarding the flowers I got for you. Obviously, different people will have different preferences and that's just fine. But you learn a lot about a person by how they communicate those preferences. A person with grace, kindness and gratitude will communicate their preferences in a thoughtful, respectful way. What you did was the complete opposite. You were mean, rude and ungracious. You then followed that up by being demanding and nasty about your expectation that I 'replace' the flowers with something to your liking with a 'deadline' when to do so!. As though I should scramble and grovel for your forgiveness for getting you the wrong color of flowers! Your behavior and attitude over this complete non-incident was shocking, distasteful and, quite frankly, ugly. It has me seriously reconsidering what I thought I knew about you as a person and whether you are the right kind of person for me.”

  5. “Yeah if the right women comes along”

    He clearly does not see you as the right woman or marriage material.

  6. Not to pick on the 4 year age gap as that is not a big deal, except that he sounds like a very young 22 year old.

  7. If you won't dump the bf at least re-home the dog. The pup deserves owners who love and protect him and you're clearly not able to provide that.

  8. So the reaction sucks and you are right in demanding him to get out of your house.

    That being said, the reaction seems so strange. Don't wanna acuse you of anything but how was this conversation going? Were you asking nicely?

    At 31 yo, photos with ex partners will be out there in different social media, and not all people will be willing to delete them. Something you should know.

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