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  1. It was rare occasions he’d go with his friends, watch the dancer and have a drink. He knows the boundary we set in our relationship. You can look but you can’t touch.

  2. It sounds like you've been reading too much of reddit. One badly landed joke isn't a red flag, nor it doesn't have to be a precursor to an act of cheating. You haven't stated how long you two have been together, so I won't even guess how well you know each other. What always confuses me with these kinds of threads is how you expect us to know your wife better than you do yourself. You married this woman, you should know if it is a likely scenario for her to cheat or not. And also, if you did marry her I supposed you trust her, right?

    On another note, we make jokes like that from time to time with my wife and no one ever takes it seriously because we know that we aren't the type to cheat on each other. Of course this doesn't have to do anything with your situation, just making a point that people who know each other well can joke about stuff like that without any suspicions arising at all. If it's not like that between you and your wife then that's a problem.

  3. She made it very clear that she leans towards poly. Ultimatums don't work after you marry and have kids. Then you have much to lose and less power. Is this who you want raising your kids?

    Finally, her (her BF) reasons for poly are 100% selfish. Poly was part of the great social experiment in the 60s. It failed. If she deeply loved you, she would not share.

  4. If you know your pictures are out of date I think you did yourself dirty by intentionally leaving them there. Obviously you’re hesitant, so maybe this is a good time to drop a few pounds so you can leave the photos as is?

  5. This is the stuff of LTR legendary stories. I’d feel like a complete goof for leaving my bag out in jizzing distance, but it would be a great laugh.

  6. After I bought him the Christmas gifts, he said no one had treated him like that before and it made him tear up. I was honestly surprised. It’s just always been a standard for me to get my partner nice gifts for special events. It’s just a natural part of showing love to me, but I realize now everyone doesn’t think like that. Probably makes me sound entitled, but whatever. It would never cross my mind to not plan a nice date for my bf’s birthday

  7. I'd ignore the request to see it and see if he brings it up again. It really is too early to tell, could go either way really.

  8. He could be cheating. Definitely at least sounds like he's playing mind games with you to get some attention or for you to pine over him

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  11. On your half of your post, she sounds n like she needs the kind of validation you aren't comfortable giving. You are both very young. I know you don't feel that way, but it's the truth. You both need to move on and find someone you are compatible with.

    Referring to your edit. This is emotional manipulation and abusive. She is baiting you with threats of suicide and blaming your break up for her drug abuse. Then she messaged your “friend” to make you jealous! That is wrong on multiple levels, too you and your friend. This obsessive and abusive behavior is only going to get worse. Run.

    It's time to go no contact with her. Block her number. Block her on social media. Let your friends know you no longer want to talk to/about her. Block any friends that refuse to respect this. Good luck.

  12. Sometimes we reject help because we don’t want to feel pitied or burden the others around us when we know they’re struggling through it too, even when we are struggling more.

    Take notice of the tasks she does, and maybe you can arrange a night out for her by yourself. Don’t ask her. Just surprise her, not spur of the moment, but like maybe one to seven days before. That way she isn’t immediately slammed with needing to get ready, finish tasks she hasn’t done because she didn’t plan on not being home, or whatever else may be an inconvenience by a spur of the moment surprise.

    Hell it doesn’t even have to be a night out, but occasionally organizing time for her to have self care time is just one less step she has to do. Some great suggestions would be organizing a night with her and her friends, a pedicure, a hair appointment, a shopping spree, a massage, getting her nails done, a hobby she likes to do, or anything she’s interested in. Obviously you know your wife better than I, so you’ll know what she appreciates more out of this list.

    Also one more tip for day to day, but don’t ask what tasks she needs help with. Observe her daily tasks, and just pick up some of those extra tasks that you can do. Don’t ask her. Just do the task. That way she doesn’t feel like she’s forcing you to do something she can do.

    Wishing you the best! Stay healthy and happy!

  13. The alternatives aren't a magic fix to the problems of monogamy, even if it might seem that way.

    Negotiating a relationship is complicated. It's not any less complicated because it contains three or more instead of only two. It introduces issues like how to split your time, whether one person gets priority, it can introduce jealousy and insecurity, and problems like what to do of two people fall out with each other but a third still wants a relationship with both. There's questions like whether new partners should be introduced to your current one(s), whether current partners' approval is needed, whether new partners should be strictly casual or not.

    All that stuff has to be discussed and agreed upon in advance or what happens can amount to plain old regular cheating anyway. At the same time it's creating a dynamic in which all the important aspects of a monogamous relationship are still there (communication, honesty, commitment) so if you sucked at it in monogamy you won't suddenly get better in polyamory.

    For polyamorous people that dynamic might be what they want or need but it's not a way to fix problems with yourself, it's something to do because that's how you see romantic attraction and it fits your values and desires lifestyle.

    The reason I choose monogamy is simply because that's what I want and that's what works for me. It's no better or worse.

  14. Yes…but I can understand her position having not experienced her full sexuality. She may decide it's important to her. Also seeing the divorce rate the answer to your first question is no?

  15. You didn’t get to know each other bc you will be entirely different ppl when you met compared to who you will be in 5 yrs. I say this as someone nearly a decade in with my high school sweetheart. Tell her the pillow isn’t very hot like a human body is and she doesn’t get to dictate life like that. It’s controlling and this is not how relationships or partnerships work. If you both want a long term relationship you both need to mature and grow up beyond getting jealous of pillows and hiding things at your moms house.

  16. Gosh you sound just like my ex. He filled up his schedule with classes and bands and shit and basically had no time for me whatsoever. He had ONE DAY free and he said he might want to use that day for his personal time. Such a jerk. Even wanted me to skip my work shift that day if he wanted to hang out as a “sacrifice”. Break up with her. You have no time for a girlfriend.

  17. No sorry, breastfeeding a child solely for the benefit of the parent is molestation. It holds no beneficial or nutritional values to the child. There are other ways of bonding besides forcing a hungry infant or child to “fake feed”. That's not being transphobic. Regardless of gender, would you think it's ok for a straight man to have a child suckle him for the man's benefit? No, I would think not. Sorry, not sorry.

  18. Ah gatekeeping. Lovely

    Sorry, it's weird. You can be empathetic to what a personnis feeling or experiencing bur still find behavior odd, weird or even inappropriate. This woman is not dealing with her emotions in a healthy or rational way. It's selfish and again, WEIRD

  19. Really?

    Fiancee believes that this is not going to work and will cause him to double down and maybe even go for the full clown makeup.

    I asked my fiancee if we could refuse him entry if he showed up in a literal clown outfit, and she was uncomfortable with that idea because she believes that even if we did, her parents or sister would let him in because they also think it's “funny” when he acts out.

    You think a person who said this is “heavily working on boundaries”? Looks like the only person on whom she is enforcing these “boundaries” is you OP.

    Seriously just think of the situation you are in. A 35 year old man basically just told you that he is wearing a clown suit to a formal event. And your Finance and your plan is to ignore him? Really? It's a grown man! Why is your finance and her family behaving like it's a toddler throwing tantrums?

    OP, believe me when I say this – you allow this and this won't be the last time this will happen. Every time you do something you'll have to worry about a 35 year old manchild ruining it.

    Don't marry into this and this is not what “heavily working on boundaries” looks like.

  20. yea i don’t think he’s going to unblock me or text me even when thursday comes, he probably did agreed just to shut me up. thank you for the advice, i’m just sad he views other people the same way he once saw me :/

  21. You obviously have a lot of anxiety in your relationship even though your wife seems to be very open about her communication. You should probably sit down with your wife and talk about your anxieties so that she can help to alleviate them. It's not healthy for you to be so anxious over something that is seemingly absolutely innocent. Some professional counseling may be in order. Your wife needs to be able to have friends where she doesn't have to share every detail with you. Anything else is bordering on you being controlling.

  22. You dont need an explanation for closure. But telling him that he is a piece of shit and that its over can be a great way of closure and to officially “rid” him of your self.

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