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Model from: co

Languages: en,es

Birth Date: 1993-08-30

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityEbony

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color:

Subculture: subcultureRomantic

Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. So you went grom one abusive relationship straight into another. And you will continue to attract abusers until you get help. You need to dump this guy, get therapy and stay single for a good long while until you learn to be happy on your own/alone and don't “need” to be with someone. Amd also learn about toxic behavior and setting boundaries and sticking to them. Dorn get me wrong, you are a victim and not at fault but your personality is such that you will continue to attract abusers. They can spot vulnerable people from a mile away. I was in a couple of unhealthy marriage myself. Not abusive but unhealthy for sure. I realized (learned) I was a codependent pleaser once I started therapy when my last ex went to rehab for alcohol. I also realized that I had to change myself if i wanted to avoid more unhealthy relationships.

    Nothing wrong with being single. No one can ame you happy if you're not happy on your own. I was single for the first time in my life at age 46. I'm enjoying it and even though I miss the sex occasionally I don't really miss having an SO atm. I have a lot of catching up to go.

    Lose this AH and take care of yourself.

  2. Omg I just googled him . Yum. But, he also has a scruffy beard thing going on, like the tash is part beard.

    The peadotash is usually clean shaved except the tash.

    Either way op , I would say he would look soooo good if it wasn't for that fruit mold on his lip , ugh.

  3. I guess I was hoping he would be able to turn it around if we did move in together. I know it sounds naive, but I'm really sad I spent three years loving him and getting attached and it ends like this.

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