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Date: September 26, 2022

7 thoughts on “Sarahpeterson on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. This is the stuff people say to feel better imo I lost my dad, inherited lots of money… Obviously it’s sad but at the end of the day I got so much out of it that I wouldn’t “rather have my dad”.

  2. This is the part that weirds me out. Cause when I told him I wanted to date others he said “But I'M NOT dating others”. So I asked if he wanted it to be exclusive, and he said “Yes, if it can be that without us having to use those labels”. And what. does. that. even. mean?!?!

  3. Is she enough right now? Exactly as she is?

    It’s certainly feasible for a person “not knowing what they want to do” to feel like a driven/high achieving partner’s encouragement to “follow her dreams and do what she wants” is perhaps more a judgment, or an expectation. Like maybe you’re expecting her to have the same priorities/framework that you do, but she doesn’t, and so any ‘support’ you offer her comes across as pressure, or a shortcoming?

    Idk if that makes sense, but as a wife of a man who absolutely embodies grit and work ethic, it often felt as though his very ability to take risks and jump at opportunities was rooted in a confidence and security that I, having grown up financially insecure and without stable emotional support from family, simply didn’t have (parents both died young, only child. But the resulting risk aversion could be expected in any number of other situations in which a young person grows up aware of a lack of financial safety net, in turn relying far more on social capital and interpersonal connection/experiences?)

    And I have worked incredibly hot myself, too… and KNOW that my work ethic is top notch, but… it frequently felt like things that were a genuine achievement or a big win, in relation to the scarcity I grew up with and balanced with the (my) reality of having had to overcome such disproportionate fears/hyper awareness of how tenuous it all is, were small fries not-worth-even-an-acknowledgment to him. Bc they simply didn’t rate for him. Bc our foundations were so incredibly different.

    Perhaps she needs to shore up her sense of basic security, so that she feels safe taking risks.

    Perhaps she needs to know that wherever your focus lies, whatever heights you achieve as an individual, she is still a priority to you, and not a trophy or an appendage or an afterthought. How do you show her that you truly, deeply value her? (And not with gifts and such, but with words & actions & no-expectations listening/support!)

    Perhaps she simply needs to be acknowledged for having stuck by you for so long when what she wanted was something different.

    Perhaps she needs a genuine apology/recognition of the ways your choices sidelined/disregarded her? She needs a voice, and it doesn’t sound like all the money in the world can buy that for her.

    I’m glad for you, OP, that your endeavors bore such healthy fruit (that’s saying a lot in this day and age) and even more so glad that you are here asking questions and clearly open to outside input with evident intent of unearthing what your wife might need! I hope you two can communicate and redevelop the love that initially brought you together within the context of this new, polarized (but also very fortunate) reality.

    Maybe you can start by trying to date again? Put that same level of interest/curiosity in to your partnership as you both did initially, or as much as you put in to your business ventures?

  4. So sad that your brother apologised and even worse is your husband’s reaction. You and your brother did nothing wrong and to even imply otherwise shows a very sick, insecure mind on your husband’s part.

  5. Time to go low or even no contact with your birth family. They sound awful, and you can choose to not be around them because they are never going to support you.

  6. I have NEVER heard women talk about how crazy men are amazing in bed. Crazy men are scary…

    It's definitely a term almost exclusively used to describe insane women. “Don't stick your dick in crazy”

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