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  1. Talk boundaries and remember it’s a 2 way street. If your boundaries don’t align then compromise or break up. It’s good that you talked to her but remember both of your feelings are valid and finding the correct amount of balance takes work.

  2. You gave a woman over $80k within a year- most people’s salary is HALF of that- and you’re asking if you’re being stingy?? No wonder why she was able to swindle that much money from you and has the audacity to ask for $10k. You are easy to play. May sound harsh but you needed to hear it.

  3. I think it’s best if he has his party before the baby is born and op could have something too without alcohol if she so wishes or wait some time after the birth. No need to make either of your lives miserable because a baby is coming. It is unexpected, but it should be a joyful event nevertheless.

  4. That's like saying he was just seeing if women will say yes if he asks them out, but he totally wasn't going to do anything.

  5. None, I was feeling my drinks and it just came out. Of course I can’t post the exact context do to rules but you can guess exactly what was said for me to say eww

  6. Whether you code switch or stick to who you are, being introduced to new guys always has that “Is this guy one of those?” worries attached.

    Like I met a guy a few years back and we kind of got along (not like besties but a few shared interests). He was having some issues in his life and was having trouble finding a girlfriend and, at thirty, had just moved out of his parents house for the first time. He asked for some advice and I was happy to give it, teaching him basic things like budgeting and shopping and “the girls on the wall drive away the girls in the hall”. There were a few worrying things he said but I chalked it up to naivety and being sheltered by his family.

    And then he got a girlfriend and his treatment of her was so fucking bad I felt complicit for helping him essentially trick her into thinking he was a normal guy. Pull a toxic masculinity trait out of a hat and he showed it in the space of a month. It was at the start of this period that I met his family for the first time and saw where he got it from.

    We're at that point where so many guys my age and even a bit lower were raised to think that wasn't just normal but admirable, so it's risky to build any kind of relationship with them. Add in those who code switch around other guys for survival and it's fucking exhausting.

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