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Date: October 2, 2022

9 thoughts on “Sara Jay on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. I'm opposed to cosmetic surgeries for the same reason.

    Some exceptions in my brain obviously include dealing with medical things: skin grafts when needed, extra skin from weight loss, etc.

    But there's something about wanting a BBL or Botox that just feels wrong. Like the exceptions are different from purely cosmetic surgery but idk if I have the right words to explain why it's different.

    Obviously tho, it's her choice.

    But it's your choice if you want to be with someone that wants something like that. That's your boundary to set.

  2. I didn't see the gold digger comment but holy fuck why would she marry him. That relationship is not healthy.

    She should forget the eye rolling and go with divorce papers. Ain't no saving a marriage between two people who do not respect each other and treat each other with contempt. I feel sorry for their child, I can't imagine that's a healthy home for a child.

  3. …not during a formality.

    So you’re saying it wasn’t an abu kiss? Obviously a peck is not the same as intercourse. Cheating is on a spectrum but it’s still all cheating when it’s outside of an accepted cultural practice and there are strong feelings involved. Both of you clearly were in a romantic mental space or at least you are now in hindsight. Your heart has left the relationship. That kiss sealed it. Based on the info given I personally just think you need some time alone to get your head right.

  4. You should correct his friend and tell him Jim watches lots of porn and you're fine with it so you don't understand why so scandalised.

    It's so manipulative of him to twist the truth like this. He'd be an ex boyfriend already if this were me

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