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  1. She must have been really hot for you to put up with this level of bullshit. You really need to grow a backbone and just not give a fuck about what she thinks or what she says or what she feels anymore. It's over, move on, and let her do all the freaking out. If she sees you and freaks out again don't do anything just let her freak out because she's the one who's going to look stupid anyways

  2. I have to agree that's a bad idea to drive 800km to buy a car. Not only the extra costs and waste of time (especially if you end up not buying), but I'm assuming this is a dealership with warranty on the car, which means you'll have to drive 800km back to use said warranty and find your own transportation back. And what if the car doesn't run anymore, how are you going to get it there to repair under warranty? It's a bad scenario and totally preventable.

    As far as relationship advice goes, seems like this is her thing and she really doesn't want your input that much, so maybe take a step back. Don't give unwanted advice on this car, but simply draw some lines yourself (like maybe you're not willing to drive 800km with her to look at this car so she'll be on her own).

  3. Alright so I was that girl at one point and I too was also in a relationship (still am years later) I was quite upset, but not because I still had feelings. When I was with my ex, he was a bit abusive towards the end but we had talked about marriage and kids ect. We were each others first. I know some question ” if he was abusive why are you upset?! ” it's because my insecurities/ thoughts immediately went to

    *What did I do to deserve that? *Why didn't he love me like that? Am I not lovable? *Why wasn't I good enough?

    Why I was upset wasn't exactly about my ex you see, but rather about myself because I 100% know for a fact I'd NEVER go back to a relationship that was abusive. Insecurities are one hell of a demon and sometimes we react in ways we normally wouldn't. This instance is just my personal experience, we will never know what your girlfriend was thinking.

    You can either assume the worst and let your own thoughts about it shred your relationship or simply talk to her like an adult. Ask her what was on her mind or what caused her to be so distraught, ect.

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