Samannthaa-Cooper live webcams for YOU!


9 thoughts on “Samannthaa-Cooper live webcams for YOU!

  1. He sucks he just doesn’t care. Can you imagine this for the rest of your life – him just disregarding your feelings unless he benefits. I’d have been taking the candy back and eating it myself. You deserve more

  2. That’s a him problem. Him mentioning it over and over is probably the source of the dreams. Our stressors affect our dreams way more than our desires. My advice is to tell him that you’re having a final conversation about it. After he rehashes his insecurities inform him that this isn’t a cartoon, you cannot control your dreams and will no longer be guilt tripped about sleeping. Refuse to talk about it again. Feeling guilty for sleeping? You’re being manipulated and gaslit, period!

  3. Dude, this is a you problem. You’re being too sensitive. Maybe spend some time growing up before you get in a relationship if you’re not ready.

  4. Never do anything sexually that you are not comfortable with. Also please consider therapy for yourself, to do with being forced to perform a sexual act. This is abuse, you were assaulted. Please get help.

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