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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. I think it's different for everyone. Personally when I was dating I'd always try to split the bill, I was working and didn't think it was fair to rely on the other person to pay. Mostly I got shut down and they would pay and I'd get the next one if there was a second date. When I met my husband I wasn't expecting his complete shutdown of me trying to split and he finally allowed it when we were in a relationship, the only things I could get until then we're the odd drink, even to this day he pays 90% of the time despite my trying. So I tend to surprise him to nice meals every now and again or a good date night in the house where I get the ingredients in. Again it's different to everyone but this seems like she expects you to pay for her unless I've read it wrong, and I don't think anyone should expect things of someone unless they're dating or in a relationship and certainly not for a first date.

  2. I agree about discussing it for sure. The boundary was broken but I am giving the other two adults involved the benefit of doubt that it was professional. Cheating wives usually don't take pictures of it and give it to their husbands.

    The issue seems to be that it's a friend that's the photographer so what's that about, jealousy? Valed point. Does he really want a random person/dude to have access to the pictures vs a friend? Another valed point.

  3. Remind yourself that people don’t care if you are the same or not. People really just want to relate. If we are all the same then what is the point of talking?

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