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Date: October 2, 2022

28 thoughts on “Rubi-worldd online sex chats for YOU!

  1. Do u trust your boyfriend or a random message coming from who knows who?y advice is to just keep your eyes opened & see his behaviors without stressing, obsessing or making a huge deal about it.

  2. I'm both happy for you and scared for you. I'm happy for you because you recognize that the looks aren't the only thing you can fall in love with. Make no mistake, you're feeling love right now.

    I'm scared for you, because you're banking on feelings rather than on logic. This wonderful man, does he have a steady job? Did you think to ask him if he's ever dumped a girl, and if so why? There are loads of practical questions that you should want to know about before allowing your feelings to overcome your rationality.

    Being so young you have the blessing and the curse. You're blessed in that you love so openly and freely. You're cursed in that you don't have the experience necessary to understand whether this guy is courting you for a lifetime together or if he simply wants to have sex with you.

  3. My friends are all over the world and traveling constantly, and they're my friends so I love and cherish them and enjoy sharing my life with them.

    If you're afraid of that or secretive of that, maybe try deleting some of the less desirable friends from your Snapchat?

  4. oof, buddy. gf is the same way; we call it “having big feelings”, and she’s gotten a lot better with it in therapy, but i brought it up as something that upsets me and makes me concerned for her, rather than a value judgment at a poor attempt to mind-read her motivations.

    sounds like you failed the mission

  5. I opened this up expecting you to be ridiculous, but no, you're not ridiculous at all. That lack of effort isn't ok.

    My girlfriend and I would fight if she had so little faith in me that she felt she had to remind me of anything so many times. That your lack of faith, not only isn't insulting to him, but totally justified is really disappointing.

    I can't really imagine how anyone could really care about someone and behave like that. I'm guessing he's an incredibly lazy guy generally but jeez.

  6. You're 18, what's all the rush? Just enjoy your youth while it lasts and don't join a religion you don't want to.

  7. I think she was willing at first bc she felt desired but then she saw that it was a chore to be done and not something intimate.

  8. Put in cameras around your home secretly. They are definitely having sex with each other and gaslighting you.

  9. Seems like it's not you who wrote that post. Your depression did

    I am severely disabled myself, and my partner is a huge help for me to live : I couldn't study as much as I would have wanted to and being in a relationship with me imply dealing with a lot of my daily struggles to get through basic tasks

    However, we talked about it because I was also only seeing the negative aspects I was bringing in our relationship at first. And it turned out that my partner had a ton of positive things to say about what I brought to our relationship, and didn't mind what I was seeing as major negative aspects.

    You should talk to her about that and ask her what are the things that she value in your relationship that comes from you : It was a game changer to me

    Also, you need professional help for your depression. It's a deadly disease and it's not one you can cure yourself in most cases.

  10. Yes you should. If she has limited time she should first prioritise spending it with you. Not you and other people. You should tell her that.

    If you think it is selfish, let me explain that you shouldn't stay in relationship where your needs are ignore. You will be miserable and relationship will fall apart anyway this way. It's best to put her priotities into question sooner than later.

  11. Hi fellow european. I am European but I am also a New Yorker who lived in NYC for a decade and some change. My husband also works at a hedge fund btw. Okie, good. Sadly as you know if you do divorce it will be a shit show if you don't have a prenup. And as you may or may not know if you like numbers almost 50% of marriages end in divorce in NY. So, as much as you might think you will never divorce sadly the stats are not on your side and I bet your fiance knows this. But, as you can imagine, he wants to make things easy on himself by at least making sure it won't be a devastating occurrence if you decide to leave him or he decides to leave you and like most NYers he believes in himself more than he believes in others. Sadly that's how we are taught here. Trust nobody but yo self. Does it go against our European family values? yes it does, but it is what it is. Get a lawyer and see what you can do about how to divide assets and I bet you will be more prepared to be husband and wife afterwards.

  12. Ditch the girlfriend, keep caring for your sister like a brother does. You are a great brother. Your girlfriend is mentally a 5 year old with the body of 22 year old. She is simply too immature to deal with adult responsibilities. That she does not recognize that you are a great caring guy is just a shame. You deserve so much better. You will find the right girlfriend.

  13. Because the chorus is so much what you might feel, and her voice is also how you might feel – Martha Wainwright “Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole”.

  14. My good sir, it's been a month at most. 28 days ago you were making posts, seeking out a random person to pop your cherry. The same goes for 5 months ago. Your goal is very obvious to us as readers. You have been seeking someone to do the deed with for months. You are hardcore rushing.

  15. She threatened early on that she'd take our kid and leave. So yeah, I got a lawyer after that just in case.

  16. I think your husband needs to tell her no. It’s his family. Have you two talked about why he’s not putting his foot down.

  17. Indeed. She’s on yet another outting with the friend group. Afterwards I think I’ll delicately bring it up.

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