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Date: October 1, 2022

8 thoughts on “Reginabans on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. I am not letting it slide relating to how awful the roommate has been, I've set my distance, told her to be civil, I'm waiting for my friend to feel a bit better before I discuss it, I've spoken about this whole thing with my Councillor and they were appalled by it. The roommate has been causing issues with other friends of my best friend, I'm not the only one but I do seem to be getting all of the verbal

  2. I'm sorry people have made you feel judged. We ALLLLLLLLLLL make stupid mistakes around avoiding red flags.

    This is a really good opportunity to track your feelings. Your gut has already given you the answer, now prove to yourself you have your own back and FOLLOW through and get away from this guy. This behavior is actually more troubling than you think. This is classic controlling behavior, and even if he doesn't ACT on it, his fantasy default, that he can't stop repeatedly thinking about and dreaming about, is to control you and your body. That's what that dynamic is alluding to, he wanted to tether you and reduce your freedom and autonomy. Good luck, and remember to follow your gut: it doesn't have to be justified to be honored and listened to and no one else's opinion matters but your own. Two months is WAY too early to talk like that, and it is very disturbing.

  3. This is violent rape. He was holding you down and choking you until you gave in.

    This isn't borderline, it's classic rape.

  4. I had that happen to me too. I would have these long intense dreams that seemed like I was re-living my past relationship with my ex. So I decided to contact him and meet up. He gained a lot of weight, lost all his hair and still lives with his mom. Never had those dreams again lol.

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