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  1. By breaking up. You achieve by breaking up. no being single but also being in a relationship. Y9u aren't dealing with Schroedinger's cat here

  2. This screams of pretentious, arrogant, self proclaimed art school “genius” (i.e. wanker) . A part of their vicious game is to make themselves feel special and above everyone by putting the people around them down. You have proved to be the perfect vessel for this. A lot of us have been caught in this web. You don’t deserve this, it’s emotionally and mentally abusive. Leave her, don’t bother trying to explain why, she’ll never see it in herself.

  3. Uhm… to blacked out to know whether he got a lap dance but sober enough to turn off location sharing and adding people on IG. Sure. That’s what happened.

  4. The part where you say he acted selfishly….? Yes because its completely selfish to take care of those in need, but godforbid it derails YOUR plans….gtfo

  5. This is a common manipulation tactic. It’s not on you to “fix” then. Call the police to report their suicidal threats, then get out.

  6. So basically he's holding out hoops for you to just through while he will constantly change the rules. No you shouldn't have to liev your life trying to make someone else happy at your own expense. That's so immature and ridiculous. You're both the same age as my son and he's alot more mature than this. He's acting like a 13yr old who been watching too many ” how to be the man in a relationship “. You shouldn't have to make sure you are constantly performing for a partner. He's being ridiculous and the fact you are afraid of his response if you bring it back up is a huge red flag.

    So I've been married 22yrs and when looking for a life partner see how they treat you when your happy and when your sad. His reaction to you hating on yourself, was to join in and make you feel worse. Then went onto tell you how you need to act to keep him. So he doesn't care how you feel, belittles you then gives himself a future excuse for when he cheats. As now he can blame it on you for not changing.

    Honey you deserve someone who loves you AND all your flaws. Who will rise you up when you're down and not try to knock you down when you're up. He should be your team mate, best friend and lover. Someone who you can talk to without wondering if they will react negatively. Someone who brings positivity to your life. Who makes you feel even wearing pajamas, ill on the sofa, that you are loved for more than your appearance.

    Another words find a mature man who can handle an adult woman.

  7. I’ve tried explaining in the most sensitive way that, that’s just who I am. The responses I get from that are, “So I’m just settling” or “How is it so hot for you do this” or “I’d do it for you”.. I think I understand that she wants to connect with me which I try and do by telling her things I remember in a timely manner, but what do you when you feel like you are tested for everything? This issue mainly happens whenever it’s my friends. For example, It could be a night out with my friends, or even a phone call, but when I come back in the house best believe I better say everything that happened so she won’t get even more upset. She’s upset before I even get the chance like cmon man. I don’t want to talk to you when you’re like that. Maybe I could work on that myself but sometimes I’m at a lost for words.

  8. All I'm thinking here is that if he broke OP's father arm to teach him a lesson he probably wouldn't hesitate to do the same to her.

  9. My advice: Love yourself.

    That might sound simple, but I promise it’s not. Clearly you have feelings for this ex, and there’s something you’re still wanting. You need to figure out what that is. I put a name to the thing that you used to have and don’t have anymore. Not the person, the thing you got from them. Once you know what it is, you either need to pursue it, or find a way to come to terms with the fact you can’t have it.

  10. We have an 8 month old baby. I need sleep in order to work and parent but you're right. This is my hill to die on.

  11. You break up with him, that's what you do.

    You shouldn't have to talk to a grown ass man about his hygiene. You're 21, do you really want to be stuck in a relationship without sex, without fun, without love, with a smelly dude?

    Get out, and find someone with at least some basic hygiene and sex drive. You don't have to settle for anything less than you want and deserve. This dude is not your soulmate, your soulmate is somewhere out there having regular showers.

  12. He's selfish and clearly using you for his own enjoyment.

    Use his line against him. Tease him to the edge and simply stop. You do that in a relationship. Just be prepared for him to be actually angry.

    FYI: This guy is incredibly toxic and will not be a positive experience.

  13. What steps have you taken to manage your depression/dead bedroom?

    You seem to be shocked your partner is hurt. I can’t say I understand that. By the sounds of it, you’re not having sex, you have made it abundantly clear you do not want to see his body, and you’re getting upset over any level of nudity in his own home.

    You can have whatever boundaries you please, but try to see things from his perspective here. I’m seeing a lot about your feelings and almost nothing about his.

  14. Check out the exmo community on Reddit. Many there have been where you are and can definitely help. Bring a man you have an advantage in that Mormon women are taught to listen to their husbands. Start showing her some of the things that changed your mind. Open her eyes up to what you put you where you are and you might be surprised. Also make sure she knows that your feelings for her and your family are still solid and you want to make things work.

  15. What does you volunteering do for the orphans? Stop using orphans as a feel good tactic for your self worth.

    You know there are places where parents will rent/pimp out their children to orphanages for this kind of “feel good” tourism? Aside from your problems with your bf, you're not helping anyone or any orphan by doing some white saviour trip.

    I'm sure your intentions are good, but please do not do a volunteer trip to a disadvantaged orphanage. Please. These children are not props for your self worth. One day volunteering at an orphanage does NOTHING FOR THE ORPHANS. It's a feel good trip for you. Please reconsider your actual impact on anyone that is not yourself.

  16. If he's done talking, he's done talking. So you talk to an attorney.

    He had made clear that he, along with his parents, believe that bigotry is more important than love. They have already treated their own daughter so horribly, and your husband supported that; can you really trust him to treat your children any better? Your children deserve better.

  17. And I'm telling you the problem is most likely not caused by the depleted naked water tank, I agree … but with old systems, whenever there is another faucet open, or a machine pulls water, it causes a pressure difference in the pipes which can cause temperature differences.

    Modern systems/faucets/shower heads are usually better prepared to deal with the pressure difference and keep a steady temperature, but specially in flats it's not always perfect either.

    The washing machine and the dishwasher are absolutely the cause why OP has freezing showers. It's just not for the reason she thinks. And the husband is ignorant to the fact that there's more to the issue than the very hot water tank.

  18. Trust me, I agree. He was totally out of line. I still think it’s beneficial to present people options and recognize that a lot of people want to work through problems. People are the expert in their own lives, and OP is capable of deciding if she wants to continue the relationship. A counsellor would be happy to help her explore her feelings on that. If there isn’t a direct safety issue and both people are interesting counselling can be a reasonable next step. OP seems very aware of how bad her husband’s actions were but she is still interested in resolution.

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