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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Sounds like he’s a prick. You deserve way better. Leave now before you find out how much of a prick he really is. It only gets worse.

  2. I think OP will be hard-pressed to find someone willing to work full-time while their partner works less and doesn't compensate for it. They earn equal amounts, I assume they split bills equally, in no way is that fair.

    My husband and I have had similar conversations. If one of us voluntarily reduces our hours, we will still split finances by percentage of income before the voluntary reduction. If he would make twice as much working full-time, then he should still be paying twice as much. The only other way this would work is if OP is compensating in some other way, like taking on the majority of housework.

    Time is money. It's not fair to ask your partner to work full-time when OP does not. I'm sure OP would balk at his partner reducing her hours and putting in less toward the bills.

  3. Her friends ask some valid questions. Y’all are in completely different places in life and frankly, it is kinda weird.

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