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  1. Being away from your partner for long periods is incredibly difficult. It puts strain on any relationship.

    What I'm pondering is why he has so much power in the relationship. If you did break up how bad would it really be? To be completely honest, being a military wife is pretty crap. Affairs are SUPER common eventually in military marriages. In some areas it's almost a culture of affairs. You'll likely have to raise kids without his help a lot. You'll be alone a lot. I wouldn't want to handle the stress and loneliness my entire life. Do you? I like having my partner around a lot. I feel safe and happy when he is around. I wouldn't want to spend so much time feeling sad and insecure. I also wouldn't want to do it if my partner got cold randomly and wasn't reassuring enough. If nothing is wrong and this is how he is on deployment would you be ok with continuing to go through this?

    Really think about it. You're very young and the choices you make right now will shape the rest if your life.

  2. gift him … lotion and head home.

    This made me laugh really hot. Op should lean into the nickname Sam gave him.

  3. Without even reading the post and only reading the title, yes you should. Obviously. Don't even need to know the details of the post to be able to answer this

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