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  1. Thank you for your kind words. We eventually broke up because I believe there would be a next time even if I were to forgive and help him. Afterall it’s important to have mutual respect in a relationship and there clearly isn’t any in this. ?

  2. Police.

    Don’t be scared. As you get older you realise you can do whatever you want and you have to look after yourself first and foremost. Be bold.

  3. What are you struggling to understand about those friendships? I think some important insight you already have is that your boyfriend doesn’t view women as objects! If he views women as actual people, then of course he’s able to have a friendship with them the same way anyone of any gender would.

    I’ve had a lot of opposite gender friends for the past almost-20 years, so let me know if you have any more specific questions.

  4. Well, you left all of that stuff out in your initial post so that would’ve been a lot more information to make a decision about. In that case, if you were browbeaten into it and made to do things, it is molestation. However, I doubt the courts would see it that way only because your age was so close. But it seems like you’d already made the decision about what you thought about it then came on Reddit ask for advice when you already knew what you were going to do so that’s a little weird to. But I would amend your post an ad all the information that you told me because you didn’t have that in there I just re-look at it.

  5. I think so, too. Posts like this always remind me of a friend who asked her then-boyfriend why he wanted to be together with her. “Because you have no cellulite.” Like yeah, she would have been VERY happy had he been atttacted her personality.

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