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  1. Are you sure you are in a relationship? I mean if she says you are not a friend yet, how can you be in a relationship.

    So leave. She doesn’t care, love or respect you.

    And being autistic doesn’t mean that you can be an arsehole. So that is not an excuse for her behaviour.

  2. He’s raping you. It’s against the law. But you don’t want to leave him. So. You need to talk about this. I would suggest couples therapy and probably a sex therapist. It appears that if you want this to stop, you need to get your sex drive back. I’ll be honest. I’m sick to my stomach typing this. One time. Kids in the next room and he was drunk which was rare. I wasn’t in the mood. He locks door. I tried but it hurt. So I said no. You are hurting me. He didn’t stop. He raped me. We definitely had a talk the next day. He was ashamed and felt awful. But. There’s no coming back from that for me. There were other reasons too, but I filed for divorce shortly after that. He’s raping you on a regular basis. Again, it’s against the law. It doesn’t matter if you are married. No means no.

  3. The American police aren’t going to do anything even if a crime was committed in another country, which it wasn’t because in the UK the age of consent is 16.

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