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  1. I wouldn't prevent them fro dating the girls, I'd have a once and done conversation, and let them know my thoughts and concerns. I'd also let them know they can come to me for help l after if they need to talk about how to handle their GFs mental health issues.

    Why so you think I'm ignorant? Because I want what's best for them, and choosing a partner without those issues is an easier route?

  2. Well then maybe they’re jealous of you .do you know if the country your bf is from arranged marriages for they’re children.maybe one of them wants to be with your boyfriend.

  3. I’m so sorry. Personally, I wouldn’t go forward marrying someone who broke my trust in this way. Best of luck to you.

  4. She sounds really unwell, and as frustrating as it is for you, and I do get that it’s really frustrating, you need to show her a little compassion and help her get help for whatever it is she’s going through. She’s isolating herself, and clearly not managing her life well. Her mental health is her priority, but sometimes it’s the tallest mountain to climb to get the ball rolling to get help and we need to rely on our support network to give us a hand. Help her, seek support for yourself too and you can get through this. But please, turn this resentment into compassion, it’s not good for either of you

  5. Kinda seems like your husband wants to treat you like a possession and you've known it for at least 2 years. Words won't help the situation. He won't ever 'hear' a single word you say. At some point, you will need to recognize just how abusive the situation really is an decide to make changes… or not.

  6. I'm not saying openness should be a measure of strength and security. Every relationship is different.

    But a strong relationship that tries out a threesome will not die because of it. Even if the threesome goes bad, a good couple can talk it through, figure out what went wrong and move on from that.

    In that regard, threesomes are a lot like having children. They can and will strain a relationship, even if wanted, but a good relationship can handle that. The rewards are worth it though.

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