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Date: September 24, 2022

4 thoughts on “pretty-babes

  1. I am a bit immature about this stuff, I never had a strong love relationship in my life. So I believe in love from first sight, true love and even sacrificing for the one I love if they repay that back with love as well

    And using my gut feeling, she gave me those feelings. The conversation is smooth and warm, so why not

  2. Yeah it has to be a mutual thing. Both my roommate and I struggle with ADHD (mine is recently discovered because wfh makes untreated ADHD more obvious) and the structure helps us remember to do things. He doesn’t think it’s not his job though.

    Maybe have a conversation with your boyfriend about how you two split responsibilities. If you are both expecting different things that might be causing some issues. Particularly if he’s from a traditional family that puts house work in the “women’s work” pile. If it’s not that then a conversation would also unearth different expectations of cleanliness or issue with uneven mental load (I’d suggest showing him the comic “You should have asked”).

    Good luck! I’m sorry this is something your dealing with right now.

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