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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. Yeah the way OP talks about this is revealing imo and while the SO is out of line for name calling, I feel like that could have been a moment of frustration.

  2. Did you ask her to explain how exactly your friend is a bad influence on you? Did you try to understand her point of view?

    What “like to party occasionally together” means? Your girlfriend is not invited to the party?

    Is she partying alone with her friends?

  3. She's borderline harrowing you and throwing herself at you and trying to kiss and jump on you and honestly she's just very very creepy I wouldn't be surprised if she turned into a stalker especially after you got mad at her and told her to stop she clearly doesn't care how this has effected you and your girlfriend and she's just so inappropriate Even when she asks to date when it's obvious your not single

    Overall so many redflags and I'd suggest ending the friendship the only reason you were her only friends was glaringly obvious she's at fault and you were nice enough to show her empathy but she's abusing that

  4. Oh we’ve got boundaries, we just aren’t insane or overcompensating for our pasts. They were in an LDR before me, and I’d been cheated on. One of our closest friends who we both hang out with is my ex boyfriend (he did not cheat). It should not be this difficult to trust your partner.

  5. It is so not serious that all his friends call him after a prolific serial dater of barely 20yos and were suprised he was dating someone 3 years younger than him.

  6. bro didn't get her muffins, he wasn't coming home to throw her at the wall bro, chill.

    plus you aren't entitled to people doing what you want just cause you do nice things, that's some nice guy attitude right there.

    sounds like he was being a lazy dumbass and she's throwing a tantrum about having to “do the thing that was apparently so easy but I didn't do it myself, but hes a peice of shit for not doing cause I do all these things for him”

  7. There is nothing wrong with you!! Husband wants control of you and is threatened by a strong woman.

    You should divorce a man that has fallen down the A.T. tunnel!

  8. Excellent question. What is the policy on sex aids from former partners? Is there a place to donate them?

  9. Your vagina isn’t too loose, rather, his dick is too small. This is a him problem. Also, he’s a rapist — I would leave immediately, the danger will only increase the longer you’re with him.

    I’m sorry you’re going through this❤️

  10. This may be a illogical of me but your graduation and you becoming a doctor is something that you earned. Yes weddings are a big day but he didn't earn it, he asked for it and there's a difference. At the same time you probably love your brother but you found yourself always putting yourself at the back burner for him and he knows it. You probably mentioned your graduation day many times before but he decided to put his wedding on your graduation day to steal your light. I have a feeling that your brother only loves you as a stepping stone or someone who bends over backwards for him. Imagine if you didn't show the same feeling towards him growing up. And if he's The Golden Child he'll definitely use that to his advantage to f*** with you. One thing for sure if your brother really did love you he would recognize his Golden Child mentality, work with you, and recognize your accomplishments in becoming a doctor. Your graduation would definitely outshine his wedding day so that's why he did it.

  11. Right. In fact, OP has broken a law by viewing the material if she doesn't immediately report him. OP, you really have no other option. Get to the police immediately. Don't sit on this.

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