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Date: September 26, 2022

6 thoughts on “Powergirl Gwen online webcams for YOU!

  1. You pointed out that he might’ve been abusive as well. I guess that’s a possibility but where in this post do you say any reason to believe that? By that logic, he could’ve been lying about the child ever existing so your point about the child mattering is invalid. See, not a good point in any way.

    When did I say he doesn’t fight back? Your type of comment is exactly the type that discourages him from fighting back so he won’t in the future. Ever heard of victim-blaming?

    The way he mentions her physically abusing him makes me think it happened before she got pregnant or maybe in the early stages of pregnancy which doesn’t really matter anyway since it would never be okay to do what she did. I’m only mentioning this since you used it as an excuse for her in your rebuttal to my roles reversed comment but then just after you say the assault wasn’t enough to keep them from having a baby which makes me think you knew your other point was probably invalid but still made it anyways. By the way, this is some more victim-blaming if you didn’t realise.

    How does this child existing change the situation in any way that makes you right? If anything, it proves that he should defend himself and his baby by getting them away from this woman. How does he do that? That’s right, divorce.

    “It’s convenient to mention now because of the treatment he is currently receiving” What the hell did I just read? You’re a victim-blaming machine. I don’t think I have to write anything for this one.

  2. OP once he has fallen down that rabbit hole you can’t get him back, if the version of him you liked ever existed. You need to go find your happiness.

  3. Talk to your fiancee and set some boundaries: “I am NOT OKAY with your brother showing up to our wedding in a clown suit. If this happens I WILL have security set to refuse him (along with anyone else not appropriately dressed) entrance. If he causes a scene he will be escorted off premises. If he resists the police will be called. This is non-negotiable. I do not care what kind of backlash this might cause with your family, I'm just not willing to allow this level of blatant disrespect. It's up to you whether or not you give him one last warning on the consequences.”

    If she's not willing to back you up on this, you need to discuss cancelling the wedding.

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