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  1. I’m so sorry you’re going through this too. How long has it been if you don’t mind? Since you guys broke up. You’re right that some days will be harder. One moment I’m okay and the next I’m spiraling and crying again

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  3. She may be out of line in dictating the terms of your friendships, but, she has a point that disparaging humor may offend people and you obviously don't worry about that. It may be she doesn't want to continue to be around someone who does that. Maybe an incompatibility?

  4. Yeah no leave, my ex was like this to the point I lost an unhealthy amount of weight where people thought I was on crack. My urine was amber orange.

    Yet somehow he could control his reaction better in public and other people.

    That was just the start of the abuse but it's one of the few things that linger, I can now eat Infront of people but I eat ridiculously slowly with the smallest bites so I make no noise and draw no attention.

    No man is worth it

  5. You need to remove yourself from this situation. This woman is using you for emotional support but has no intention of ever dating you. She keeps you around because you do stuff for her and are always there for her. That said, you do the same in reverse. You are there for her in the hope she’ll date you one day so everything becomes transactional. Your reaction was also OTT. You should have taken a break from the friendship until you processed the news. All the yelling and accusations are not helping anyone. Bottom line, if you want this person in your life, you have to accept she will only see you as a friend. Personally, I think it’s a very unhealthy relationship.

  6. Chances are their was a girl that looked similar to your gf and someone just recorded the video and went with it

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