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Date: October 2, 2022

7 thoughts on “Perlasexxx live webcams for YOU!

  1. I'd work on your emotional intelligence if I were you. The “I can do this so why can't he?” has major main character of the universe energy. It sounds like someone who has trouble discerning their own thoughts and views from the rest of the world's.

    Also saying nasty, combative, unhelpful shit in an argument is also low emotional intelligence. Disagreements should be collaborative and not adversarial. Saying mean stuff that you know is unhelpful is childish.

    So yeah, work on your emotional intelligence.

  2. Except when you can’t have sex enough to match a 19 year old. Also it’s not a flex that you don’t notice a difference between college age and full fledged adulthood. Says nothing good about you

  3. Might be attachment issues.

    It's something you need to discuss with your fiance so you can tackle this together as a couple.

  4. 17 years ago I was only 11. Do the math for mine and yourself so you feel like a jealous old hag damn near past her prime: So that makes him 22 & you 19, and you probably know how horny kids are. She clearly didn't, and still doest want him.Together for 2 years, at 36 you're that insecure? You sound like a cunt tbh

  5. OP already said the certificate doesn’t mean anything to her, she just wants to have the ceremony with her mother as witness before she dies. Did you read the post?

  6. You can’t make her understand. People find it easier to continue the way they are than they do to change, eventually it comes to catch up with them, that is why you literally see people smoking wheeling around oxygen tanks. She has to want to make changes, you can’t do it for her, but if she does, support her as much as you can.

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