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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. My highschool sweetheart broke up with me senior year and I was devastated. I cringe when I think back to some of the things I did during that break up trying to win him back.

    My best advice is to take some deep breaths and not give into some of the toxic thoughts on trying to keep a finished relationship alive.

    For easing the pain take all the memories/mementos and put them in a box if you don’t want to throw them out. Give the box to a trusted friend or family member to hide. This way you don’t find yourself doom spiraling by looking at everything and obsessing.

    The best cure is honestly just time. Eventually you will be able to open that box of memories back up and look at everything fondly and see how they helped you grow into a better person and a better partner for future relationships.

  2. I understand and agree with your sentiment .. I did make a big mistake before; I really just didn't want to disrupt their happiness. But I realize this situation is only getting worse, and obviously I feel terrible about it.

  3. Exactly. Boggles my mind that striking another adult is unequivocally deemed abuse, but hitting a child is just “doing what they thought was right”. No, it’s abuse. And we aren’t doing anyone any favors by sugarcoating. Especially now that we have ample evidence that proves how psychologically damaging it is. Always weirds me out how much people defend hitting children.

  4. I love this thought process. “You’re doing BJJ, so act like a man,” and tell this woman who is also doing BJJ and literally your sparring partner ?

  5. I'm stuck now because it makes it seem like I'm putting him in an odd situation where he doesn't want to not listen to his gf nor does he want to end the friendship with me. And I feel bad walking away cause he didn't do anything wrong per se.

  6. You'll want to take some time and figure out what you want to do here before confronting him.

    The largest decision is going to be, do you believe this is something you can reconcile or not?

    With a relationship this long and two teenage kids, the trauma you're going to experience is significant. It's going to take years to recover…along with tons of therapy for everyone.

    Take a peep at r/SupportforWaywards and r/AsOneAfterInfidelity to get an idea of what you can expect from both of you in regards to the path to reconciliation.

    If you decide reconciliation isn't for you, then divorce is pretty much the only path left unless you're willing to open the marriage (which, is extremely difficult to do under these circumstances and nearly always fails).

    Based on my experience, if divorce is going to happen here, it's best to get your plan in order and consult an attorney prior to confronting him. This way you know what to expect and what you're doing beforehand. It will make a big difference for when the confrontation happens she emotions flare.

    In most states, it doesn't matter that he was cheating and it won't have any effect on the outcome of the divorce though.

    I'm really sorry you're having to face this, especially in the midst of the holidays too.

  7. Yes, I agree it would be. But there are swimsuits. I still think this is something that all parties need to be on the same page on. And if one parents says no, then respect what they want. It’s one thing if it’s a parent, but other people (even if they are family) need to ask.

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  9. You say you want to work on it but clearly neither wants to work on it.

    Do you have low libido? Have you been to the doctor? Are you on birth control?

    When we were younger and everything was newer we of course did it more often but even then I don't believe we did it nearly as often as other young couples

    Maybe it's not your libido, but sex is bad and boring, so you are not interested. Sex therapy could work but your husband is against therapy, which is ridiculous. You clearly have communication problems and are like passing ships. He talks about hook ups and you just ignore him, rather than realizing it's a warning sign.

    Have you done research on low libido? Do you have dates? Have you tried to spiced up your life reading a romantic novel or looking into books like Come As you Are?

    Neither are working on stuff. Neither are communicating. You are not doing any research. Therapy is erroneously off the table. His solution is to sleep with other women and your solution is to keep ignoring it.

  10. Sounds to me like her relationship with John is already inappropriate. She passes on sex for masturbating, are they sexting or something? Video calls? Talking about her watching him have sex with a other guy? Like how did this even all start?

    Her libido isn't the issue here. It's where she's applying it. I'd be bothered if my wife was masturbating to friends. That's just over the line to me. Fantasize about fictional characters, actors, scenarios, whatever. Not my buddy.

  11. Is your boyfriend a narcissist who can't stand the attention you garner when you talk about your Danish pride and heritage?

    Honestly, this is creepy. If my partner spoke two languages and had pride in her heritage I'd be her cheerleader and biggest supporter. In fact, I'd probably try to learn her other language.

    Honestly, your boyfriend kinda sucks.

  12. I have a hormonal condition and it not only made sex uncomfortable because I can’t make my own lubrication, but every commercial brand lube either irritated me or got sticky fast (parter takes a while).

    Until I bought some stuff called good clean love. It comes with an applicator so you internally self lube before sex. That and some vulva moisturizers have done wonders. Try out some lubes and see if that doesn’t help. Particular with a lube applicator so you’re ready before he enters.

  13. The issue started when you started cleaning his house! He knows you will do it, so he doesn’t bother. Even if you stop and leave them eventually you’ll cave since he knows you can’t stand it. This will never change. If a 30 year old man can clean up after himself that’s a red flag. If you have kids with this man, you’ll be doing everything you do now, plus raising a kid. He response to you is not okay either. Find someone who respects you.

  14. I watched a friend fall into this hole. It was horrific never seen anything like this before. She lost all sense of sanity. It was so scary. Now shes back to work and getting out, shes moving on and realising how stupid it all was. I honestly was close to calling so many services to get involved with her. I think the lockdowns and being told to sit and with nothing but tv and internet it has ruined so many people in so many levels. I can only hope that youre parents are able to snap out of it. It really is a hole you have to climb out of mentally z

  15. Did your wife have an issue with your friendship with this woman before the cheating?

    Also, did you know your friend was cheating on her husband while it was happening? Or did you learn of it after the fact?

  16. Have you considered 50s 60s elegance? A lot of women, who like to dress up in the alt, go for rock-billy dresses, or pin up or donna reed. I would consider leaning into and going big on your style. Hats, maybe. Retro hair (pin curls, bouffant, etc

    The alt scene is about expressing yourself. If you dress very bank wardrobe , business casual etc it screams mainstream and possibly not as open minded as you appear to be. Regardless of the truth.

    But if you take your style and go as big as you ever wanted to, i bet you will have more luck.


  17. Eu sinto muito que esses “amigos” fizeram isso. Eles são uns babacas. Carnaval não é desculpa para faltar a um evento que eles confirmaram.

    A menos que eles realmente corram muito atrás de você e mostrem o quanto estão arrependidos, saiba que eles não são seus amigos.

    Não quer dizer que você nunca mais saia com eles, até pq todos precisamos de círculos sociais, principalmente até você achar um novo grupo. Mas saiba que não pode contar com eles.

  18. youre 22- theres plenty of time for you to have kids in the future if you want them, but being worried your bf’s feelings are hurt is not a good reason to keep the baby. he has told you he’s ok with the abortion which means hes ok with it, even if hes sad about it, which is honestly really mature and he sounds like a great partner. you do too by thinking about his feelings like this, but at the end of the day youre the only one who will have to be pregnant for 9-10 months, so you should only go thru with that if youre doing it because youre ready to be a parent and excited to have the baby. your gut reaction was abortion-was that just because you thought its what your bf wanted or did you assume its what you both wanted. if there wasnt any doubt before there shouldnt be now. just make sure once youre physically recovered from the abortion that you support him emotionally as he’s doing for you. if you want kids some day just not now, tell him that. make sure he knows its ok to be sad at the thought of not following thru w a pregnancy rn even tho its the right choice, that youre looking forward to kids in the future (if thats true) but right now youre not ready.

  19. Was molested by a man in his 50's when I was a kid.

    Now as a grown man I'm friendly around females and tense and aggressive around other men.

  20. At the same time these are all assumptions made about the people he's not bonding with

    We have no idea what these people are actually like outside of one group at work who like UFC

  21. I second ishakeappletrees. You pay what is your legal obligation because that is your child. And FYI the money is for your child's needs like clothes, food, medical etc. You have to look after all your children despite your marital status

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