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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. That's a broad comment, the laws aren't the same everywhere. But in general yes annulment is used where the marriage should never have happened (invest, bigamy, fraud etc.) rather than when the partner turns out to be a scumbag.

  2. Yes I think you're overreacting. He's a 52 year old man that doesn't want to deal with his partner playing video games all the time. I think your age gap is showing here. I think it's going to be hot to date a 50 year old that's okay with you gaming as your main hobby unless he also games. It's seen as a childish hobby. I'm not saying it IS, but that is how it is viewed. He is expressing that you're gaming too much and wants more quality time. He probably through the cheating thing in bc he didn't think his original request had enough reasoning behind it. Gaming is incredibly isolating, and I'm sure he feels isolated from you when you do it that often.

  3. It often happen that guys would lie about virginity.

    I don't think that's necessarily wrong, minding the society we live in and the pressure over young guys to show of as sexually experienced.

    He doesn't have to explain anything to anyone. Maybe just ask him to stop talking about his “experience” when he was a kid.

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