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Olivia, 18 y.o.

Location: Wonderland

Room subject: CrazyTicket: Show in progress. oil show – body tour – bj , ❤️ Welcome!! i’m Olivia ❤️. Tip 222 tokens to see the show. Type /cmds to see all commands.

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Date: September 24, 2022

6 thoughts on “Olivia the very hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Cut. Him. Off. He’s a sexual predator, drunk or not, and has previous form. If your husband’s friend removed your trousers and fondled your privates (drunk or not) I’m sure you wouldn’t want them within 10 miles of you would you? Offer your husband the same courtesy please. I’m annoyed that you think you can even think about keeping him as a friend after a little chat.

    Tell pervy friend he’s not welcome near you and that if he persists in contact that you’ll tell the police although I don’t think you should out your husband’s sexual assault to the friend group, but make clear that you won’t be at events where he is. Support your husband please, your ‘friend’ is a POS. He deserves no contact and no friends.

  2. In my country, this would be considered sexual assault and your husband would be entitled to press charges against this man.

    Did you know that a large majority of victims are often raped/sexually assaulted by someone they knew closely e.g. friends, family members, colleagues. Sexual predators purposely try to get close to their victims so they can win their trust, making them vulnerable to abuse.

    Keeping this man in your life is basically keeping a predator around your husband and allowing a dangerous person to hurt those you care about. You have a child to think about too. Do you trust this man to be around your child? I sure as hell wouldn't. Someone who is capable of sexually assaulting someone whilst they are unconscious is also capable of molesting children too.

    Why would you hate to throw away a friendship with a creep? This guy was never your friend. He was simply using you so he can gain access to your husband. Predators do this all the time. He's also popular amongst everyone because he's deliberately crafted a facade where he's a nice guy that everyone trusts. I highly doubt your husband is the only person he's done this too. He knows that his victims are unlikely to speak out because of shame and embarrassment. So he gets away with it.

    If you care about your family you will cut this man out of your life.

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