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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. It’s literally not. She’s not obligated to discuss private medical info with anyone whether they’re dating or not. All he needs to know is that kids aren’t gonna happen. By her choice, regardless. I’m sure you’re not, but it comes across like you’re trying to make excuses for a would-be sexual abuser.

  2. This happened to me once. Not the same situation, but I put my hand on some dudes thigh bc he was the same size and stature as my bf and he sat down next to me. I’d had a few drinks so that didn’t help. I was mortified when I realized and I apologized. But my brain 100% registered the dude as my bf and I hopped up the second I realized it wasn’t him. To be honest I didn’t even realize I was touching him until I turned and saw it wasn’t my bf. I was on autopilot. Not defending the dude who touched your gf—his reaction sounds like he’s guilty—but I’ve definitely understand getting confused/not noticing.

  3. The ole “friend” huh. If you here them doing something vigorously at nights, it’s not moving furniture. You shouldn’t have married this guy in the first place, 6 years down the line, he’s moving a dude in, wants a second marriage and you’ve still never had sex? Get outta there

  4. I'm 43 and I'm pretty sure I know why OP keeps this manchild around.

    But it can't be good enough to justify all this.

  5. No offense but I hope what you did makes her realize that she should not be with you.

    1) you shouldn't be in a relationship while you handle your addiction problem especially being with someone who has a kid. Why would you bring that into her and the child's life?

    2) I'm not sure what she thinks a 30 year old has in common with a 21 year old. She should stick with just dating people her own age. Y'all are not in the same stage of life.

    Figure your stuff out and seriously reflect if you're healthy enough for a relationship rn.

  6. You are now finding out why this 30 year old man went after someone so much younger than him. You are his mother. You cook him dinner and do his laundry and he wants to tie you down with children.

    Do not have sex with him, and get away from him as soon as you can.

  7. You think adultery should be punished with incarceration. I don’t think you’ve got much of a grasp on anything to be giving advice.

  8. It's more that people who have similar interests and hobbies tend to get together. Maybe in high school and middle school it's a clique and labels thing, but adults can and do live entire social lifestyles exclusively within their interests. And if you you care enough in a hobby to make it a big part of your lifestyle, you're just naturally going to meet more people who have similar interests and priorities. This is especially prevalent in certain game, music, or media scenes that have concerts, conventions, tournaments, and meetups.

  9. INFO: Do you see this behavior as “okay”?

    I'm not trying to be facetious or sarcastic while asking.

    You're willing to make excuses for him the person, and I'm sure he has some redeeming qualities, otherwise he likely couldn't keep other people around him, but do you generally view his behavior as “good”?

    What do I mean by good? Let's start with a basic framework for a person's “goodness”.

    Is the person in question: -Responsible -Respectful/Considerate -Communicative -Honest -Authentic* -Attentive -Team-player/Partner

    (*May be in the development stage.)

    And to be fair, the list could go on, but I hope you get the gist.

    Is your boyfriend ticking off any of those boxes?– because you've just shared a different picture with us.

    When you describe your boyfriend, (I don't know anything about him, perse, but through his behavior I can guess the sort of person he is, based on his behavior), this is what I see:

    He's dishonest, deceitful, disrespectful, a thief, a liar, and a cheat.

    (He may not have cheated on you in the conventional way, but he's cheating you out of a “good” relationship with a “good” partner.)

    Here's what you do: Collect evidence and file a police report. Make sure you clue in a friend or trusted person about the situation, so you have someone for support, but also someone to be there if things go sour.

    This part's important: You may think you know him, but you clearly don't. He's not who he purports to be and so looking at him from now on, you need to look at his as some random guy who's just stolen your money. You need to exile him from your life and get away from him. He's bad news.

    The good news, however, is that you're young and you can look at this as a learning experience. You can process the situation through therapy and over time reflect on the red flags that were there that you ignored. Learn to trust yourself. Look back and see what other things you intuitively noticed.

    All in all, just be honest with yourself about the nature of the whole situation and where you see yourself in a year. What do you want out of life? Focus on being your best person in the moment and work towards a six-month and year-long goal and leave this loser in the past, where he belongs.

  10. Start making dinner for yourself only. See what happens.

    Wife and I both work, have separate accounts, we share house duties, we cook our own meals 90% of the time, and clean our own dishes.

    I want an independent partnership that makes us both better, not a maid that also happens to have another job.

  11. Sounds like you need new friends. The man wants to see you succeed and wants to help you get there. That's literally what your supposed to do for one another in a relationship.

  12. It still is their story.

    You weren't there.

    It's not yours to tell. Really it isn't.

    Ask your mother, as you still seem to believe she may have cheated on him.

  13. Yes, but Reddit isn’t real life. I love reading these posts as much as the next, but like half of these are writers trying out fanfics.

  14. Young people tend to exaggerate their views and often act like some bad experience has a much larger impact on their lives than it really does.

  15. See that's exactly what I was thinking I have a 5 year old daughter and he has a 4 year old son (yes I had my daughter very young) and they were together for 7 years and I mea. Don't get me wrong she's crazy and a perpetual liar (even lied about things she's said to me )

  16. It totally is real though. I always thought I wanted kids, but then when the time came around that we were settled and it would be a good time to have them…. I didn’t really want kids. Until all of a sudden I did. It really was a hormone thing. My logic brain was no longer there. I felt that biological clock for sure.

  17. If you want to be a stay at home mom, first you would need to establish financial expenses and savings goals, and then your partner would need to be in agreement with it. So what I would do is use that degree and find a job, open up a bank account and learn how to manage money, pay bills and start putting away some money in savings.

    Another thing to consider is what would you do if your husband left you and didn't pay alimony or child support? A wife who is accustomed to everything being handled for her financially in life will be in for a rude awakening when she is left to face it alone. Just some things to consider.

  18. god, this person sounds absolutely miserable to be around. you mention that he has shown you how to be playful and less serious, but the way you described it, it sounds more like he is trying to shrink you down and take away your personhood and your confidence.

    I recognize that autism/adhd likely factor into some of his behaviours (like having rigid “rules” about what makes you a conservative vs a centrist, not doing chores) but it is not an excuse to abuse you or be a shitty person. I have made this mistake with a partner in the past, where all of his transgressions were able to be blamed on his autism and therefore I could never be upset or hold him fully accountable. But he is an adult. he should have learned to cope with these issues to the point where he could succeed in a serious relationship but it doesn't sound like he did the work.

    I wouldn't blame you at all for getting a divorce. I think you can do better

  19. That's not one upping. That's sharing stories. You talk about your interests. I talk about mine. We take turns. That's a conversation.

    If you feel like your life and accomplishments are somehow less than his and you can't stand that then that sounds like a personal problem for you to examine.

  20. Don’t worry, you are about to age out if this dude’s sweet spot. You’ll be on the curb soon.

  21. You go to therapy when you suffer from PTSD, you don't run around with a gun & pointing it on others, ready to shoot any second.

  22. Your apology shifts the blame onto her by your suggestion that she didn't support you enough and that's why you were such an ass. Hell nah, she's not coming back after that.

  23. You should go on the trip, but without him. If he really wants to make up for it and step into a role of supporting you and your daughter, this is the way he can do that. By sending you and his wife on the trip without him. It takes care of his commitment to your daughter, and respects you sexually.

    “I wouldn't want you to get in trouble,” could be interpreted to imply that you are willing, but only want to avoid problems with sister in law.

    No matter what you say, to go as a group that includes him would be tacit acceptance of the overtures, and would only lead to further and more escalated transgressions in the future.

  24. He told me he’d call his colleague right on the spot and put it on speaker but I rejected the idea and I wish I didn’t. I rejected it during that moment because I was in a mentally drained state and thought he could have just asked his colleague to lie for him.

    Just ran off based on intuition and the fact that I didn’t see anything suspicious on his phone, including safari. Didn’t see that website visited.

  25. You’re not a martyr. Stop playing that role.

    Per your other comments, you do everything “because if I don’t, who will?” He knows if he does nothing, you’ll do it. And if you, like some women, jumped right in doing things for him early on to “prove you’re wife material” or nit picked him or redid the task he completed because “he didn’t do it right” You’ve allowed this behavior. I can assure you that there are plenty of men out there who don’t expect their partner to play bangmaid to them and who actually pull their weight.

    It’s too late now to just dump his ass—that would have been wise early on. But you sure can insist on couples counseling. And I’d do individual therapy too so you have some backup and can work on creating and maintain boundaries.

  26. stop listening to Reddit, “divorce him or ask him to change.” just stop, this are mostly keyboard warriors and first solution that Reddit wants do do is scream divorce.

    For what you described you guys had a wonderfully relationship.

    Communication is what you really need.

    Look, you changed, he didn't

    He is felling pressure, even if you don't want him to change, you want to keep changing, and he might think that he need to change or he will lose you and he doesn't want to change or he might want to have more time with you.

    you didn't outgrow him, his life style doesn't look unhealthy, it's just different, you guys might have grow apart, it doesn't mean that you are superior or he is, and you might just need to reevaluate your relationship dynamic, this might mean divorce, but it looks like you love him and he loves you, and this is worthy fighting.

    one way or another, talk to him tell him how important this conversation are to this relationship, looks like you guys have a little extra budget, demand that both go to therapy, not a couples therapy, single therapy, each with they own therapist, so you can decided how you want to proceed. maybe after that couple therapy. but always first individual therapy for both.

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